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  1. rents are being artificially hiked, by using the rents 'asked for' and not those 'achieved.' Figures also ignore vids, and how long tenants stay. Rents are falling where there is an oversupply (amazing to Londondrs, but in Leeds, Norwich and other newbuild BTL hubs) there are too many flats. Add reluctant landlords, and you've got a nightmare of bad interpretation, myths and not enough homes where they are needed. The truth is out there, somewhere.
  2. Because I was hiding in the cupboard thinking it was a burglar!
  3. Don't let them cram you into the rafters! If they rent out a house aimed at so many people, the facilities (fridges/bathrooms/even furniture ie sofas) must be enough for all of you. And if it's got a third floor - it needs a fire escape. And Unite is horrible: really dear and party-central (you might like this but drunken 18 years old? You've been there.)
  4. Landlords know there is damp, hide it and then blame tenants for 'drying on radiators' when there is nowhere else to dry (ie no garden access). Fight it.
  5. This also happened to me. I saw a landlord puling back my bedsheets to *yuk* sniff them. You are entitled to change the locks, but keep the old one. And let them know that you 'know' what they do. Also - put sellotape at the bottom of doors, stick hairs with saliva to doors etc. Or: just say: you're snooping in my home it's illegal and I'm suing you.'
  6. The bathroom has tiles! (They'll be boasting about taps over the sink next.) That ad is subtly one of the worst. And no DSS new just in: it's been the DWP for ages.
  7. This is dodgy, obviously. Have to ask: why does your partner stay there when it is so bad. I hate it when people say: 'why not move' but if anyone put a camera in my home, that's what I would do. Good luck!
  8. FYI: That is not me by the way but some other 'Penny.' People can't buy houses as: they need a massive deposit, there is a lack of supply of good family homes, and banks won't lend. IMHO.
  9. You need to be reasonable, (you need a reference) as do they - they need viewings. You can work together, and must, as you're going to have to leave soon. Sorry.
  10. Outside of London, there is little need for rents to rise. It's greed. Interest rates are low, and there is in many places over-supply. So prices should drop. And they will.
  11. Don't forget your local council Tenancy Relations Officer. They can help (they help landlords as well.) And legal for these things are going, so try for pro bono solicitors. Nothing to do with U2. Thank god for that.
  12. When will landlords learn not to put into a rented house what they wouldn't put in their own: they ALWAYS use cheap shoddy carpet and then wonder it wears out or stains easily. Clean as best you can. and make a case for reasonable wear and tear. If right is on your side, you should win.
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