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  1. This links with the Universal Credit program being introduced. As other have pointed out, UC will pull 100s of thousands of people in to the benefit system who will then have to attend Jobcentres. Many people who move off benefits claim WTC and continue to claim HB and CTC and in most cases are no worst off than on Jobseeker's Allowance. That is why the employment statistics are always so misleading. If you removed WTC a huge proportion of workers would be living below the poverty line.
  2. Interest rate rises will affect everyone. Think of all the people maxed out on credit cards, personal loans etc. All those small and medium sized businesses living from week to week and up to their eye balls in debt. Any interest rate rise will hack a knock on effect in the wider economy.
  3. I agree. They are doing everything in their power to maintain high house prices which are used as a catalyst to create more debt. Raising interest raised would not help the economy.
  4. In or out of Europe this economic system will fail. With Sterling or with the Euro this economic system will fail. Without reform of the monetary and banking system our entire way of life will end. We will look like Bulgaria when the next financial collapse happens. All the main political parties (UKIP included) will maintain the status quo.
  5. Thanks for your response, really interesting. I was just wondering, did you get to see what people's attitude towards the crisis was in terms of protecting their wealth? Are people buying assets such as property, precious metals and shares to avoid devaluation or are they just buying essentials?
  6. thisismoney.co.uk.....a website created by the economically illiterate for the economically illiterate.
  7. In my opinion the UK economy boomed in the late 1990s and early 2000s because all those public industries that were privatised in the 1980s (BT, BP, National Rail etc.) by the Conservatives took on huge amounts if debt and the UK's money supply rocketed. The same will happen with the NHS. They want to privatise the NHS to allow hospitals, surgeries and GP offices to take out larger loans from banks. The banks will make a fortune in interest. It has nothing to do with politics as the political parties exist simply to protect the banks. Labour will do it in the end if the Conservatives don't do it first. I have always asked myself cui bono when political decisions are made in the UK and 9 times of of 10 the real beneficiaries are the banks.
  8. You can't have socialism or capitalism when the medium of exchange (money) is controlled by a handful of private corporations. No country in the western world has had any form of capitalism or socialism since WW1.
  9. Banks make money through charging interest on mortgages and loans. If all your money is in a bank they can lend it all (plus more) out into the economy. If you have cash in your home they cannot do this. The money supply has to keep increasing to cover interest on previous loans. This is just another way of keeping the plates spinning a little longer.
  10. Will never happen. The US has all those military bases to ensure the oil-producing states keep using the US dollar. Nothing else is more important than protecting the western monetary system. They can descend into anarchy all they like (just look at Iraq) but they will keep using the US dollar. Just look at Nigeria. The oil is pumped right out of the country and the people barely benefit.
  11. That would have very little effect in the value of the currency. And they might not even be forging Pesos. Might opt for the US Dollar instead.
  12. Good old HSBC: http://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanvardi/2012/12/12/forget-the-drug-dealers-and-iran-hsbc-is-having-a-great-year/
  13. Yes he did. Words are cheap and they can promise whatever they like. Government spending is such a large part of GDP that it cannot really be reduced. Plus all major parties keep promising to ring fence the must costly parts of government (NHS and state pensions). They can make cuts to other areas of welfare all they like but until they start cutting into benefits for the over 65s it will have a negligible effect.
  14. I agree but it impresses me how influential the mainstream media have been in making the political landscape since 2007 an us vs them mentality where the poor (and most baby boomers are not rich) fight among themselves. All the while the top 1% have made a fortune and the banking system has been protected. No reform of the monetary system, no restrictions or reform on bank lending. The power of propaganda I suppose.
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