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  1. The link includes the following statement - Taking the average time it takes an estate agent to sell a property, which is between five and 15 hours according to the Land Registry, this translates into an hourly fee that could be as high as £774. What does an average time to sell mean? Do Land Registry record when the seller puts the property on the market? Do they take into account how many agents are involved? Do they factor in the time spent on unsold properties?
  2. You only need to read through this thread to understand why some employers prefer to recruit from Poland. It's fortunate that we have so many migrant workers willing to work and pay taxes to support those that choose welfare as a lifestyle.
  3. What about a year down the line? Someone who accepted that work placement and demonstrated a positive attitude would be in a far better position to move into a more suitable job role, whereas the guy that chose daytime TV would become unemployable.
  4. The North Korean Broadcasting Corporation manage to inform, educate and entertain on a budget of £2M a year.
  5. Surely this site should welcome opposing views and intelligent debate rather than just preaching to the converted. Has housepricecrash.co.uk become a cult with regular followers dictating the way it is and the registered sheeple obey?
  6. I'm amazed that her expensive planning consultants didn't advise her to shut up when the geriatric coach tour drops by.
  7. It's certainly worth getting advice from CAB, but I'm not so confident in your chance of success. 1. You will probably find a disclaimer hidden somewhere in the estate agent brochure, ie - It should not be assumed that the property has all necessary planning, building regulation or other consents and <Agent> have not tested any services, equipment or facilities. Purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise. 2. The solicitor would not have seen the property. They rely on the title plans and searches, which would have probably shown the property as a perfectly valid on
  8. Does the decision to hold a Referendum on Europe make UKIP obsolete?
  9. It's lucky I sold all my stocks & shares ahead of the 21st December doomsday.
  10. It sounds as though this puts you in a strong netotiating position. You mentioned that you're at the bottom of a chain, so the seller is also a buyer. You can assume that they have also splashed out on survey & legal costs. They will have an equal incentive to ensure that the sale doesn't fall through. The seller and agent were not obliged to notify you of the neighbour's plans. Check what impact it's likely to have and decide whether you still want to proceed. If you do go ahead then an adjustment in price may be appropriate. After all, 'Sold Subject to Contract' means that you agr
  11. China are #3 on the flying list ... probably chow mein & flied lice.
  12. Creating an even playing field for companies should be welcomed but in most cases we the customers end up filling the shortfall in corporation profit when loopholes are closed. I'm now paying more for DVDs and CDs since the Channel Island VAT change was introduced. The mobile phone companies are in the spotlight after Vodafone's recent tax scandal was uncovered but we seem to cheer when the government sells them the frequency spectrum required to operate for billions of pounds. It's really a stealth tax on us, not the corporations. There's only one way they are going to recover that money.
  13. Yes, it is roughly planned to follow some of the original rail route in this region ... http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/assets.dft.gov.uk/hs2-arp-00-dr-rw-04013.pdf
  14. DoT plans to buy homes along HS2 route at unblighted value +10% - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/13bn-for-those-living-on-highspeed-rail-route-8227031.html That's fair enough. Call me a NIMBY but I would expect nothing less if 200mph trains were suddenly going to be passing through my back garden. However ... http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/community/homes-approved-but-will-anybody-want-to-live-there-1-2353986 Why would the local council approve new houses to be built along the route? 30 houses were sold in Calvert in the past year and half of them were new builds - http://
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