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  1. Tiki bar tried to open in wilmslow 18 months ago but having got rid of the lap dancing bar on grove street the good residents of wilmslow decided a late license in the town centre was a further descent into the bowels of hades. we could do with something like the market hall here, but we end up with second rate chain restaurants and bars.
  2. the sort of article that deserves the stream of abuse it will get.
  3. boring house apart from the kitchen. what is the point of the light and dark shots of the kitchen. chalet or dormer bungalow.
  4. BBCs problem stems from too many people taking large salaries for doing very little. old joke about BBC, how many people work for the BBC, not vey many.
  5. this story has been running in some form or other for a few years now. footballers seem to take advice from some fairly unscrupulous people.
  6. it was to the side, if you walked into the room at the top of the house and jumped up and down on the floor the floor moved about 6" the floor was not tied into the gable end.
  7. viewed the solicitors next door when up for auction with I think Mellor Braggins last year.Had a fantastic galleried staircase, easy to convert to a private resi. But the gable end was falling away you could see daylight. so a project for the stout of heart. If you are interested in the the property next door get a survey. seem to remember it backs onto some factory units.
  8. If you want an indication of what the area is like pop into the wilmslow tavern opposite lidl.
  9. alty markets location means its core customer is going to be white and middle class. curry houses across the uk are closing because there is more choice and peoples tastes are changing. come to wilmslow a town dragging itself slowly into the late 1980's(in spite of emerson/orbit/joneshomes stranglehold) we've got 4 curry houses and a large selection of crap pubs in which to down 10 pints before a visit to said curry house.
  10. btl filling boots with cheaper properties in N East, rich buying second homes in S West. whats happening in yorkshire, maybe money is still under bed. survey done in 2013 nothing more up to date.
  11. are the children really called savannah and hendrix.
  12. I do'nt understand that one either. But I do know that if you manipulate and massage figures enough you will get the answer you want.
  13. the area is surrounded by expensive ugly appartments, behind that are a couple retail parks, and some garages selling high end cars. It is next to battersea heliport. and a busy road.the neighbours are worried about traffic from 120 cars. why buy next to a heliport. some people really.
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