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  1. Approach the lawyers executors - if no luck approach the Law society to investigate any wrongdoing.
  2. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sunday-life/news/northern-irelands-hollywood-hills-millionaire-pumps-entire-fortune-into-row-of-dream-homes-near-bangor-39798922.html
  3. The problem with care homes is that some of them rely on agency staff who work in many different homes and can spread virus around. If you are working with patients with dementia it is nearly impossible to keep them contained without losing their human rights. Visiting is only part of the problem.
  4. Thanks for posting - fairly brightened a wet Thursday evening. Looking forward to seeing more of this.
  5. Great to know the oldies are still doing well.
  6. Have I been asleep . Has Labour not been screaming from the rooftops about the injustice of frontline NHS staff doing without basic kit to do their jobs? Would you expect firemen to fight fires without BA equipment. Where has Labour gone?
  7. You never wrote a truer sentence BB. We thought the last lot was useless but this lot have a PhD in uselessness.
  8. He will be using his team of unicorns to clinch the deal and over rule the EU.
  9. sounds like an EA looking for a new place to advertise.
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