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  1. Thanks for the reponse The property was given to me an immmaculate condition to be fair but then like i said i have been in the property for close to 4 years and they cant expect in the same way as before.....
  2. Hi All, This is my first post here and so pleas bear with me  This subject is quiet common and apologies I am duplicating effort. But here it comes! I have been living in a fully furnish property for last 3 Years and 9 months and I move out in 2 weeks to a different city. When the flat was let, the inventory file was created and documented and obviously the question now is in what condition I have to hand back the property to secure my deposit. The property hasn’t been damaged in any shape or form, however given I have lived close to 4 years the following are the issues, 1) The Carpet is very clumsy now as it’s was beige in colour. 2) There are patches of dirt in the walls and ceiling here due to furniture rubber marks, shoes impression and food stains (thanks to my lovely daughter) 3) The curtains have milt dust accumulated over 3+ years 4) The cooker and oven probably needs cleaning So I am looking for suggestions in terms of how best to clean it?? I.e. professional cleaning end to end? Or can I try my level best to clean them all myself including the carpets? I was hoping to clean the general stuff myself and arrange professional cleaning for just the carpets but welcome expert opinion from the forum please. Many thanks in advance
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