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  1. Thanks for the reponse The property was given to me an immmaculate condition to be fair but then like i said i have been in the property for close to 4 years and they cant expect in the same way as before.....
  2. Hi All, This is my first post here and so pleas bear with me  This subject is quiet common and apologies I am duplicating effort. But here it comes! I have been living in a fully furnish property for last 3 Years and 9 months and I move out in 2 weeks to a different city. When the flat was let, the inventory file was created and documented and obviously the question now is in what condition I have to hand back the property to secure my deposit. The property hasn’t been damaged in any shape or form, however given I have lived close to 4 years the following are the issues, 1) The Carpet
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