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  1. Hi all, what do you think about this - price and location? A single friend of mine is looking for a 1-br in Surbiton. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-34915108.html Thanks much.
  2. At the beginning of April I offered 2% less than asking and got the offer accepted in the first week on the market. Since January I 'lost' several properties due to competitive bidding and/or people offering asking prices literally next day after first viewings. I bought a leasehold flat in Richmond-upon-Thames. I'm happy with my purchase but only time will tell if it was a good deal or not.
  3. There's a good market time to buy and then there's your own good time to buy... no one can really advise you on this. But being a cash buyer, why rent long term and possibly lose money (easy to do the math there, cost of renting over 5 years in London can easily be more than 50K... compare that with the cost of buying/selling and any assumed price drops) Check the long-term stats by area. London graph might look very different than let's say Acton or Richmond charts. It's hard to find a recession-proof area but for sure you can find an area that's likely to get less affected in a recession.
  4. multiple listing, to the best of my knowledge, is supposed to happen with all EAs knowing about eachother and there are different fees and certain agreements taking place. when the offer is accepted under the condition 'take it off the market', all EAs should stop viewings. in my case the seller accepted my offer with agency 1 and continued to show the property with agency 2 hoping to get a better offer. it was only for several days but still.. anyways, it's all history now... hopefully I'll get to the contract exchange phase sooner rather than later. thanks all!
  5. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1333545937' post='909006688] Get in quick before the big rise in prices predicted in the spring. thank you for the irony but we have our own life schedule we go by :-)
  6. We just did that this morning. The 2nd agent agreed to a viewing for next week and told my friend that there was an offer on the table for £xxxK and they'll take any higher offers. The first agent told us yesterday that the seller said they won't release the keys to the 2nd agent. All of them are probably lying. Beautiful. ps. first agent took the listing off the website. 2nd agent didn't, and it's on their website and findaproperty site.
  7. The agents were completely unaware of each other, I told them myself this morning. I thought multi-listing had to be transparent and agents would know about eachother?! Also just got my offer accepted and apparently the seller says will take it off the market and also says they won't release the keys to the 2nd agent, but how do I ensure that viewings won't happen with them?
  8. My luck and patience are running out. After losing the first offer I made in a 6-bids war, here I am with making the 2nd offer, different flat obviously. It ticks all my boxes, location, long lease, service charges, affordability etc. Flat was just listed on the market last Friday and I made the offer yesterday evening, very close to asking price, to make sure I get it (desirable area, good price etc). Agent said fantatstic, we'll get back to you tomorrow (this morning). They didn't have any other offers on the table, just some interested people. This morning I check my email and surprise,
  9. Thank you very much all! I'll speak with the solicitor as well. Now hopefully my offer gets accepted, that's a whole other story :-)
  10. Thanks, but - if they don't agree to the 3 weeks AST - from what a poster says above I understand that, if I stay for only one week after June 8, I'm in fact liable to pay two extra months rent because I can't give them 1-month notice until June 9 and that is already too late? So it looks like the best course of action is to try hard to convince them to sign a very short AST and if they don't, try to get the solicitors and the lender to complete on time (well, IF my offer gets accepted).
  11. Thanks so if understand correctly it can't be two weeks, it has to be a full month extra, and I can give them 1-month notice? Am I correct here?
  12. Thanks all. The deposit is protected and the date the tenancy ends is June 8 actually, just checked the AST contract. My problem is that I intend to make an offer on a flat tomorrow (trying to buy). If it gets accepted, I believe there is sufficient time til June 9 to complete and move in. Owner of the flat I want to buy is willing to move out asap, he said 'as soon as you're ready to move in, and I mentioned June 1 already, and he said fine. However, if for whatever reason I can't get the keys on time, obviously I want to have the option of extending by a couple of weeks. I am willing to
  13. Hi all, just got a letter from the firm managing the flat I'm renting from a private landlord. It includes this section 21 notice for June 8 and a renewal agreement at 3% increased rent (and £60 admin renewal fee ). The letter says this is a 'precaution against tenancies rolling onto periodic or tenants leaving without serving notice' and that I should call their office to discuss. They're giving me until May to sign the renewal OR sign the section 21 notice if intending to leave. Tenancy agreement ends on June 9, my intention is to leave in June but not sure I can do exactly June 9, I m
  14. 6 bidders seems a lot to me too, and they all seemed to appear after the 2nd weekend on the market. The only rational explanation I could find -- the flat was undervalued. It's an estate sale, owner died, flat inherited by nieces. This is the flat btw. Still doesn't have internal pics and it still says 'for sale'. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22097547.html
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