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  1. what is the avatar ? hope you are being ironic, the nazis were masters of destruction not construction just like todays americans.
  2. They are a bunch of cnts and are directly responsible for the death of a youth in their care due to their heavy handed tactics.
  3. I had a look too. if someone uses an avatar of pamela anderson then we assume the person is a male with a pamela anderson fixation a la Borat. But if they use an avatar of a more homely girl then we assume the person is actually represented by the avatar and therefore must be female. Why should that be ?
  4. i have slept in one of those in the winter, they are about as warm as tin cans.
  5. if you think thats bizarre check out the UK company SERCO PLC. They started in the 60s as a defence contractor and moved into security and now run 6 prisons in the UK. They ran prisons so well that they thought they would move into Education and now run dozens of schools all over the UK. They have recently won the contract to tun all the govts proposed new child daycare centres. So they will be running prisons , schools and creches all at the same !!!
  6. great point, i almost had to do it for one night in London and it scared the shit out of me. London seems a great city during the day but at night there are wild wolves roam the streets,
  7. so why are you so ill adept at using it ? never received a proper education ?
  8. jeez. is english your second language ? it is their not there. they teach you that at kindergarten.
  9. The UK is the home of capitalism, Ever heard of Enron, Worldcom , Tyco and the great accounting scandals of 2002 ? Astonishing ignorance,
  10. every other day , he is a nutcase called Darren . he comes in and sweeps the carpet with a brush and pan outside my door every other day, id love to smash a fecking bottle over his head.
  11. spot on. but communist china has also achieved that. there is a very interesting trend going on whereby countries like china liberalise their economies whilst keeping the strong state control over private lives and the western trend (specifically US and UK ) to maintain their liberal economies and increase state control over private lives,. its almost as if the 2 systems of chinese communism and western neo-liberal capitalism were merging. a horrible third way between capitalism and communism is evolving in theses advanced economies. there are so many similarities between the systems someon
  12. if this happened to my LL id be over the moon i wouldnt have to pay any rent for at least 3 months and possibly 6 why does everyone think its a bad thnig to happen ?
  13. exactly dude but many sheeple are afriad to even ask their landlord for a mop to wipe the floor with let alone withhold their last months rent. withhold your last month. its not illegal.
  14. most of those vacancies are in social work/social care is it any wonder that every talentless bozo in the country with an arts degree (preferably) is trying to jump onto the social care/social work bandwagon my neighbour is trying to jump on board as some kind of nursery nurse (feck knows what the titles they give themselves these days mean) little does he know what a world of pain he is entering
  15. the irish asking prices are simply out of this world. it is their first ever property boom and as my brother would say : "They are tearing the arsse right out it"
  16. spot on. we kill and plunder . always have done, are still doing it. iraqis die in their thousands so some tw,at can get a new SUV, he then wears his yellow ribbon without realising the irony that his wealth has been generated at the expense of dead iraqi children. this country is due its come-uppance.
  17. now you just have to start all over again. perhaps make 40,100 your next target
  18. you dont seriously think they will raise rates knowing that all you guys are sitting rubbing your hands with glee hoping they will. they will keep them on hold just to spite the lot of you.
  19. but if foreign currency piling into a country can cause inflation why cant london house money pouring into cornwall cause the hpi there ?
  20. I dont think its possible. Pretty certain the PM must be leader of the majority party. Then again Britain has no written constitution.
  21. just has a thought. i can take my pounds to nepal and they are supercharged due to the exchange rate, similarly people from london use thier houses as a currency which is worth more than the currency (houses) in other parts of the country, so selling up in london and buying in cornwall is no different to taking your pounds to nepal. in one scenario the currency is paper and the other it is bricks and mortar,
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