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  1. Hmmm, there is a rather wide choice at the moment :-) Middle range 200K+ just not moving, everything is at fixed price except the newbies who just don't understand how the market is. They quickly move to fixed price. Lower end stuff starting to stick too. Return of the sub 80K 1-bedroom flats returning. For instance in the recent propery section Easter Road area there were 1 bed flats for Fixed price £79000 Fixed price £85000 Fixed price £92000 Offers over £85000 etc etc, these are all similar flats, the people with the last 4 flats must be looking at the non-selling fixed price £79000 flat and thinking "you would have to be fcking idiot to buy my flat when there's one the same for much less cash" ... Of course, it's going to get much much worse (better) :-)
  2. "I do always tear things like this into lots of very small pieces before they go in the bin. " Buy a cross-cut shredder from Argos - £15. Shred everything that has your name and address on it. Shred any corresponence from the bank. Make it a habit. There are 100,000 immigrants who would love your identity.
  3. You probably heard about the reverse auction in Edinburgh, £800K for an overpriced house reducing by £2K per working day. It's down to £762K, a long way still to go I think. You see, there is a similar property on the same street for fixed-price £499K. That will sell for around £450K in today's market, less over the coming months. It has 1 less bedroom but is nicer as it's on the 1st and 2nd floor instead of being underground ("basement flat"). Reverse auction £762K: http://www.rettie.co.uk/buy_property/view_...omepage_views=1 Fixed price £499K: http://www.espc.com/EspcPublic/UniversalPa...aspx?rid=192135
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