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    I believe these extortionate house prices have dragged on far too long. So I am going to make it a personal mission of mine to do what ever I can, to spread the word about this site and others like it, in a bid to wake the walking zombies from their trances and see reality.<br />
  1. Oh dear dog box you really are confused…I hope your fire proof box is big enough to live in when you need it. Good luck… sincerely
  2. Beautiful…that old chestnut again.. and that is exactly the kind of thinking why you Bulls will lose everything. The old adage “are you the kind of person who believes your glass is half full or half empty?” interpretive as “are you an optimist or pessimist?” is the angle the VI’s have been spinning from the out set. Of course little Johnny and Jenny FTB don’t want to be tarred with the brush of pessimists… erhhh nasty little hobbitses… However, and this has very recently been scientifically proven, pessimists fair much better and live much longer than optimists! True! The reason being is that optimists tend to take more chances in life and take gambles. Yes, they may well make a bob a two along they way at first, but ultimately they are totally unprepared when life chucks them a curved ball or two. To explain your own use of the ‘half glass full’ syndrome a bit further, lets put it into a real life scenario: A pessimist and an optimist are out drinking. There is only half an hour left until the bar closes. The pessimist looks at his glass and thinks ‘my glass is half empty, better go and get another one.’ The optimist looks at his glass and thinks ‘my glass is half full, plenty of time to get another one.’ Unfortunately the optimist is too busy talking and he doesn’t notice that the bar has now closed. The optimist missed his chance, he didn’t prepare for that. O.k, you ‘optimists’ may well use this and come back with taunts like ‘it just goes to prove that all HPCers are p*** heads, or the optimist saved money not buying a second pint… blah… blah… blah... but you would be missing the point. How about putting the same reasoning to another scenario. How about you are to set out on a long car journey, would you say my fuel tank is half full or half empty. If you said half full you are increasing your chances of running out of fuel and breaking down on the side of the road! If you said half empty no doubt you will have made preparations to fill up before you start. Think about it… in life optimists take chances and are often unprepared for difficulties ahead. Pessimists on the other hand are prepared for difficulties ahead and tend not to take chances and plan around them.
  3. Going on from an earlier thread, myself and I'm sure others, would be interested to see how people have actively made a difference by promoting this site or by voicing their personal opinions to others. To start it off, I myself, have sent this site address as a link on numerous emails to friends family and work colleagues. Many of which are now in complete agreement and well aware of the media and VI hype supporting higher house prices. I also know for a fact that one of these, though not a member of the forum himself, has had this site address and other links printed on to business type cards, which he passes out to people should he get drawn into a discussion on house prices. He no longer likes to get drawn in to deep conversations, instead just says 'here find out for your self'.
  4. I said this in a thread not so long back...anybody in advertising tell me how much a slogan not disimilar to the following, would cost to put up on a bill board or a page in a tabloid: Going on from previou comments: 1. Create a link on the home page or a pop up when you close out, entitled "We hope you have enjoyed this site, now how can you help make a difference?" Listing things that members and most importantly 'non members' can do in varying magnitudes. This could range from lists of names and addresses for MP's, Councilors, local and national press, with templates of suggested letters or comments etc. Or the creating, or joining of informal or formal groups, planned protests, marches or full scale armed combat...a bit drastic but you get the drift. 2. Pin a thread entitled 'How have you made a difference'. This should hopefuly bring out the competivness in people and would also make interesting reading. See how people have actualy promoted this site or changed other peoples opinions. Maybe by chaining them selves to an Estate agents mini or something along those lines! Each to their own.
  5. Not forgetting that also people in the same position as my self - 'renting just waiting out' are presently putting less and less towards the economy and concentrating on savings only. There are plenty of things that I could and would like to go and buy but am deliberately putting off. It sounds silly but its true, I want to go over to broadband but won't, Sky TV the same, probably would also like a new decent TV. New furniture, kitchen ware, appliances, tools, garden stuff and all the general associated DIY materials to go along with it. Normally I would of also exchanged my car by now for a brand new model, but as I don't currently have off road parking the old one will suffice. I've conditioned myself to a life style of minimalist living, until the time is right to buy. Furthermore the longer this goes on the more entrenched I seem to become, the more frugal I am becoming with my money and the more I churn into savings. I will only start parting with this money once house prices come back down to 'realistic values', then I will buy, feel I have become settled again and ready to enjoy some of the home comforts. In the mean time the only part of the high street that is seeing any of my disposable income is my high street savings account. If anybody from the retail sector or government is reading this the answer is a simple one. If you want me to paint a rosy picture and sell me the paints to achieve it, first you will have to provide a fair cost canvas to do it on. :angry:
  6. Oh...I don't know, sometimes honesty pays! At least the punters are informed in advance it's a pile of shite!
  7. Thats a great idea, if he is intent on buying. The more media advertising and coverage of this type of thing the better. Though please don't use the term '20% less than market value' as this would be a contradiction in terms. How about something like: "Serious non investment buyer, waiting for realistic priced 4 bedroom property. Mortgage approved, no downward chain, can complete ASAP. Serious vendors with a realistic grasp of current market values please contact......."
  8. Sounds as though he's in a great position so why the rush? Put the money away, put the solicitor on hold, and tell the estate agents you are no longer in any rush as they obviously don't have a clue about pricing property in the current market! All the signs are there, it's happening all around us, just need to give the numb nuts breathing space to realise it for them selves. I was in a solicitors this morning as a matter of fact, just sorting out a bit of financial admin nothing significant. However, while sitting, waiting in the corridor to be called in for my appointment, I was privy to evesdrop what sounded like a partialy heated discussion regarding a vendor having been forced to accept a 'significantly' reduced price at the last minute for their property, wanting redress from the buyer. However the solicitor was continualy repeating that there was nothing she could realisticaly do about it. Gazundering in November is alive and well so it would seem!
  9. This link reports it slightly different, but when it was on the news they definitely said he had run off! Wow what a drop in the price though, from £400,000 to £274,950! Man Arrested
  10. I seem to recall one not so long back where the house was repossessed and the former owner ran off with the raffle money, better do your homework first before throwing money down the drain.
  11. Almost missed this little gem in last weeks property supplement covering Southampton and Portsmouth, did anybody else from the area notice it? Tucked away on the inside page, only just noticed it in time before I was about to throw it away! Estate agents are starting to get edgy and exasperated with their lack of sales and loss of commision. Expert Eye By Kerry Applin Of Chapplins Estate Agents “OBVIOUSLY, we all want to get the best price for our home, so it’s always tempting to ask just that little bit more-particularly when we know that prospective buyers will almost certainly come back with an offer below the asking price. However, in the current market, asking over the odds is not a good idea. Buyers are quite simply spoilt for choice. There’s plenty of property on the market at the moment, so an overpriced home will stand out like a sore thumb. Does this matter? Isn’t it worth taking a punt, just in case? Well, look at it this way. Would you knowingly pay a few thousand over the odds for your new home? No, neither will anyone else! If you put your home on the market with too high a price tag, the likelihood is that it will simply remain unsold - until you bring the price down to where it should have been. The trouble is, you might miss out on the home of your dreams in the meantime. Worse than that, however, you may also have lost your best chance of making a sale. Statistics show that properties are always viewed most during the first few weeks they are on the market. Thereafter, buyer interest declines dramatically, even when prices are later reduced. Of course, you could always try marketing your home on the basis of ’offers in excess of…’ This is a bit like setting a reserve price at auction - and if pitched at the right level to start with, can often generate interest. On the whole, however, your best bet is to bite the bullet and accept professional advice on what is a realistic price.”
  12. Interesting angle? You've got my marbles starting to rattlel around upstairs now, I'll get back to you on that one..
  13. Yeh they could even have their very own certificats a bit like those f***ing ugly cabbage patch things, only these would resemble a profit loss and balance sheet!
  14. I'd be willing to stump up some dosh, maybe a blue peter style 'fundfometer' on the home page, we could also all send in milk bottle tops or something! The winner of a caption contest would have the first official billboard advertised in his/her home town! What do you think Webmaster?
  15. If HPC were to raise the money from its members (yeh right) for a hard hitting advertising campaign, on billboards, bus stops, buses and taxies etc, what would be a good caption or picture or combination of the both to drive the message home and get peoples attention? B*****KS (I've got a picture I want to add but can't seem to upload it, any tips or advice?!) Anyway, it was a picture of an ATM machine with a roof on looking like a house with the caption: "Equity Release....Don't Bank on it!"
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