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  1. Land registry data is interesting though a friend of mine bought a house actually he bought the corporate freehold to two leasehold flats and let the leases lapse and merged them back into one house I know when he bought I know what he bought I've been to the house it does not show up on ANY transaction database I can find there ARE gaps in the land registry
  2. Answer is SIMPLE if the owner is a limited company, the property is liable for business rates but BOY oh BOY will that upset the CCAB members who promote tax evasion and avoidance without risk of disciplinary action by hiding inside big firms
  3. the HEADLINE tax rate is inflated because the rich pay NOWHERE near that amount on their income. SHAME on you Bob Geldoff. If the Government had ANY balls at all it would abolish Non Dom Status as of 6th April and rule that any property owned by a company was liable to business rates based on its last transfer value - THAT would bugger up the stamp duty plan for ever
  4. I'm just amazed that they managed to get the utility companies to connect them. hard enough to get them to turn up to houses that are MEANT to be there - let alone ones that are not ! And Building Regs are a joke - around 1/4 of all homes in the UK do not have current building regs signoff. They worried about door closers but forgot to check if the roof insulation had been fitted - pratts
  5. A couple of Christmases ago there was a tall well dressed chap stacking shelves in my local Waitrose and making rather a lash up of it. Staff were smirking slightly but saying nothing. Turned out he was the finance director of John Lewis partnership they have a policy of getting the bodies to where they are needed in the run up to Christmas and that is NOT pushing paper in head office. they KNOW how to invest in their staff, get the bosses understanding what is going on etc etc and have not fallen for the bankers crap of leveraging
  6. You are right, its terrible, they are only giving EVERY one of their staff equivalent to nearly 8 weeks pay, absolutely dire, thank goodness all other supermarkets and department stores give their staff much bigger bonuses
  7. No Shit Sherlock. I covered the topic of European Vehicle over production in my degree in the 1980's and NOTHING has changed since except and extra zero or three on the balance sheet debt
  8. when KPMG offered a lot of their staff this a couple of years back, most went for the long weekends as if you are not at the office you cannot be bounced into doing more hours
  9. OP I get your annoyance but you have to work WITH the system to change it. Being confrontational will just get backs up. Handwriting is still an important fine motor skill and I support the fact that it is maintained schools WILL fight to go up the league tables what YOU need to do is constructively build alliances with other Governors to get the head to see past the end of Gove's tenure and work strategically to be ready for whichever hoops are tossed up by doing excellent work. If the Governor training is full access then the more courses you all go on (in your own time) the better VF
  10. It was ABSOLUTELY worth doing. And I'm waiting for a slot to come free to become a governor at my kids current school. Its a minimum of two meetings a term. Maximum of whatever you want to make it. BUT. You get to see how the behind the scenes side of a school works and gain a much greater understanding of the systems and if you have an engaged professional approach, can help to streamline them towards a more businesslike one Heads are teachers, bursars are often ex clerks the good ones REALLY value having a bit of entrepeneurial (?sp) input from governors. and as more schools become
  11. The Governing body are required to be a "critical friend" to the head. To give a strategic overview to their tactics To look at resource allocation over a multi year time period To ensure that the school is working towards proper learning for pupils rather than just jumping through Gove's latest hoop To ensure that money is spent appropriately to achieve good outcomes for students. Not many parents arrive on the Governing body with that skill set. I certainly didn't. So the finance training, the 'body corporate' training, the training about how to accept that others might have a valid p
  12. Just to clarify, This http://www.hants.gov.uk/education/schools/budgetshares/files/2011/2/2728.pdf is a pretty standard school budget allocation report. I've read, prepared and altered more of them than is healthy BUT they are how the money gets from your taxes to your child's teacher the system is not perfect, but is best altered constructively, not by threatening FOI on people.
  13. OP I think you may be barking up the wrong tree. If you are a governor you have no need for FOI, just ask to see the budget, or in many counties, the budget of every school is online. And many Counties have what they call "Full Access" governor training - where you pay an annual fee per governing body and use as much or as little as you like. Secondary school governors are managing budgets of over £5 million - would you rather they were NOT trained?
  14. the USA has land value taxes but it also has full mortgage interest relief for all taxpayers (uncapped) and I see little evidence of land values in the USA being suppressed in the super ZIPs
  15. That site has been sold and repossessed more times than I've had hot dinners the trouble is (according to a friend who has the funds to buy it and really wants to) that the actual site is humungous and is knee deep in covenants and to make it pay you need to squeeze in more housing than will ever be allowed BUT once the US Embassy has relocated to just down the road the daytime commercial environment of that whole area will change at it will be viable. He has his £1 plus debt coverage ready ...
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