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  1. What about gradually moving towards a much shorter working week for all? There seem to be people out there able and keen to work and yet unable to find any, while others are run ragged, doing unpaid overtime for their employers. Isn't this what technology was supposed to do for us?
  2. I hope they are made to abide by the same rules as everyone else. I regard large cash balances on corporate Balance Sheets as sunk funds.
  3. No you're not! - look on one of your receipts or emails. As we have laws in this country that impose Corporation Tax on profits it is surely not beyond the capabilities of HMRC to judge where the profits are being made i.e. where the value is added? As it is, Amazon are under investigation for these accounting methods...we shall see.
  4. Do you really think the world would be a better place with a psychopath still controlling the second-biggest source of the world's most valuable commodity? And don't forget the Conservatives supported the Iraq invasion too. However, having been a member of the Labour Party for a few years prior to the 1997 election I would have no desire to rejoin now.
  5. Amazon still have a nice corporate HQ here in Slough, as well as the large distribution centre in Bedfordshire. I visited it last year, and it is full of bright-eyed young execs who get to enjoy the many facilities which include a canteen/meeting room complete with Playstation/Wii etc. The tax avoidance schemes employed by the likes of Amazon, Burger King, Boots The Chemist etc. often mean that the location where the profit is deemed by the company to have been created is nothing more than a PO Box. Like the VAT loophole exploited by Amazon until last week (where they could not charge VAT on
  6. That strategy hasn't worked out so well for Ireland has it?
  7. I listened to a "File On Four" about this practice a while back, and according to the program Boots and Burger King already use similar accounting sleight of hand to shift profits to countries with lower tax rates. Of course if you are a simple high-street butcher for example, HMRC have templates of how much profit you should be making and will simply issue you with a demand if they think you are under-declaring, which you then have to prove is incorrect at your own expense.
  8. But a lot of those will have come from the Channel Islands, courtesy of the sub-£18 VAT loophole. So not only have VAT receipts been hit hard by these companies setting up warehouses in Jersey/Guernsey, but Royal Mail have been subsidising their deliveries too (try using a regular courier to send a package to or from the Channel islands!)
  9. I visited the Stella Artois brewery in Leuven, Belgium last year. After a couple of mergers/takeovers they are part of the huge InBev group. What struck me was just how few human beings there were on the vast bottling/canning floor - a couple maybe, in a visible area the size of a football pitch. The biggest concentration of workers that we saw was in the Mission Control-style computer room that controlled all the automated brewing processes.
  10. I'm sure Sarah Beeny would have it fixed up in no time - a few twigs in vases etc.
  11. I read that the other day and thought surely shome mistake? How did that happen??
  12. Renault UK have already cut their losses and are no longer offering the Laguna, Espace, Wind and another model (which I forget) to UK buyers. Even before that last year they were selling half the number of cars they did at the peak in the noughts. Personally I like French cars; I've had two Renaults, two Peugeots, and run three others through my business in the good old days. I only had a German car once - the ubiquitous 3 Series - and really didn't see what the fuss was about, especially considering the price.
  13. How do you do that? Do you buy any meat? Where do you shop? Our weekly food shop from Sainsbury's is about £100 for a family of four. That includes stuff for lunches for 3 of us in the week as well. We cook almost everything from fresh ingredients, bar the odd pre-made pizza for the kids. I buy Basics range wherever it doesn't look too awful.
  14. You're kidding, that's a great film! I can't see how you would enjoy Father Ted humour and not like In Bruges.
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