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  1. Hypothetically, if there's a correction in house prices what are people's best estimates here? Are we saying a 50% would be a crash? what constitutes even a correction? The market is so ******ed i'm guessing nobody knows what's normal anymore. With the conservative party (aka the party of low taxation) increasing council taxes there's yet more pressure on incomes. This isn't a squeeze or a correction- for me it's a rape and pillage of the working class. Can we all just stop ******ing voting please? Labour- Conservatives, Liberals destroyed this country by their total inaction-
  2. A flagship remain sponsor- playing to the narrative that the EU is good for you- how myopic could you get?
  3. What the guardian failed to understand was that- the unifying of the working class does not correspond with a vote for the socialist elitism that has destroyed the fabric of a nation. Comes to something that the left and right are uniting behind the same narrative- but the guardian and it's legions of arrogance still fail to grasp reality- champagne socialism is daed
  4. There's nothing more unifying than the establishment telling the working class. your vote counts for shit all
  5. There's no better display of the levels of contempt the establishment have for the working class than today's events
  6. Our Democracy has indeed been hacked They will have to answer civil disobedience en mass. I know many prepared to play the long game- many that will be prepared to take special measures if the establishment continue to mock the working class.
  7. I'm really hoping the criminals see sense and move on to their next victims. Like a plague of locusts they are relentless, but maybe just maybe they have had their fill
  8. Interesting isn't it? You could argue in the sense that Singapore went the same way- somehow though I cant see it- you have 60 40 split- some boroughs voted very strongly in favor of an exit- But- nothing stop the new man arranging a new referendum to obtain some legitimacy.
  9. I think the young feel a democracy should simply serve their purpose only- its an education to them that we live in a collective democracy. I honestly think we need more education on this- in some ways, this typifies society at the moment, its totally narcissistic, selfie obsessed greedy *******, unwilling to listen
  10. Honestly- the shit storm its created- can't fail to feel responsible- however, we have to remember we have gone from witnessing manufacturing consent to manufacturing fear, this is now another opportunity for some winners and losers in the city- and never forget the greedy bastards. Zero remorse- I'd voting ******ing twice if I could. This country needs to remove the greed and the arrogance
  11. Certain vested interests attempting to manufacture consent for reductions. Wealth creation of the most obvious kind Only the very top end to create the next winners
  12. I'd like to express my opinion, but I don't think the internet is the place. We all know the recession is back in all but name-
  13. Informed don't worry,new target markets are Brazil, China...the truth is, no one can predict anything with even a sense of reality, and we all face 4 day weeks very soon.
  14. The last few months in manufacturing have been utterly shocking- you cant keep blaming the expensive £ damaging exports-
  15. I haven't visited this site for ages- but I can honestly tell you- the market is contacting by the day- I cant tell you the field I work in, other than I speak to end users, machines builders. They are ALL reporting a decrease for product and zero demand for new machinery. We presumed after the holidays things would pick up- end users would release capex- it hasn't happened because of nothing short of a collapse of confidence in Europe, coupled with concerns of China, Brazil now junk. The correction is of cataclysmic proportions, how the UK could face another 2008 is shocking, but brace yourselves.
  16. It says more about French fear of foreign media rather than any particular attack on Amazon. To the French, their national language is being attacked on all fronts, to the world, natural selection continues. Bless them.
  17. UKip are serving a democratic hole. The others simply do not want to discuss, or are too afraid to discuss As for Dave Cameron, seems to me he'd rather lose an election than be the man the took the UK out of Europe, for that reason alone his weakness is an absolute disgrace, and the very reason he joined the Conservative party in the first place has been undermined. A nothing politician, with no conviction to deliver He's actually far more left wing than people would believe, which in itself will hasten his demise.
  18. Re charity If the NSPCC want to protect kids constructively, apply their resources into education,and also lobby ministers, do whatever it takes to bring the Church to justice It's rampant with pedophiles, and they appear above the law.
  19. Nice one Wonderpup, that is very informative stuff!
  20. agree with this. I also believe that in the absence of a logical debate on the merits of the EU, people have really dug in now, so deep in fact that if it was genuinely proven to be in the UK's best interest to stay in, that also won't happen I fully put the blame on Labour and the coalition for their complete disrespect for democracy. Any democracy would include discussion on a national level, but as the cheating, lying, *******, scum of the earth politician has proved. We don't live in a functioning democracy, this is a lie to protect the fat * * * ** at the top of the food chain Now, they may have started a chain reaction of movement to the right, which would be unstoppable once started
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