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  1. Standard of living equation should be: Productive job holders Those with jobs ---------------------------------- X --------------------------- Productive plus non productive job holders Total population We should never be poor in our own country unless we need imports. You will see from the above equation that to get rid of wasteful public sector job
  2. It should include stiff penalties for both Chacnies and PM who have neglected the spirit of the new law in the past - especially the recent past. Yep go for it!
  3. Let me enlighten you - we don't. Currently you are spending money that we don't have and putting it on credit. You appear to understand the suffering caused by a reduction in pay, but are nevertheless storing this up for us, in future tax rises. Hence, many dislike the irresponsible public 'servant' attitude.
  4. No negotiation - either have your job or lose it. Your response is the 'taking as a joke' that I predicted. Many public sector workers appear to think that everyone else is over paid. Do you think we all work in banks?
  5. Very True - having been acquainted with the system, the waste is unbelievable
  6. 20% pay cut acrross the board would be similar level to what we have seen in my indstry. Public sector workers would take this as a joke though. Shows the mentality.
  7. We are all familiar with the extent of public sector waste because: Private sector efficiency provides someone with more profit regardless of the size of 'empire' therefore the incentive exists. Public sector efficiency reduces the workforce and makes somebodies empire smaller therefore no incentive exists. There is no accountability all the way to the red case carrying top. There should be, but there is not - yet. Many on here don't think that there will be until the IMF - what a disgraceful state !!
  8. The bottom line is that the private sector can only invite someone to pay them and therefore have to have something worthwhile to sell. The public sector and banks can waste and pay themselves as much as they like an force others to pay. This is not good.
  9. The best solution that I have heard of is to cut all public sector salaries by approx 25% and give them a pension with similar benefits to the private sector.
  10. I hear the idea of a debt Jubillee being considered. This is a great idea and HPC should back it whole heartedly. When do we think this should be? Obviously, it needs time for lenders to re-organise their loans accordingly. Some adjustments like: - ability to force faster repayment - ability to request early repayment etc need to be agreed. I think this passage from Leviticus, which describes the Jubilee will help understanding. In this year of Jubilee everyone returns home to his family property. 14 -17 "If you sell or buy property from one of your countrymen, don't cheat him.
  11. The point about a debt Jubilee every 50 years is that you know about it 50 years inadvance and can lend accordingly. It was never the idea to spring the debt Jubilees on the population suddenly at irregular intervals.
  12. Absolutely Nik21. There should be some kind of constitution to this effect or a moral honest man with a Golden Rule.
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