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  1. I don't think its shocking, its just you don't know what those houses are actually selling for. We've just had an offer accepted last week for a house we thought we had no chance of getting but after a bit of haggling we have settled at 25% below asking price and 10% below rv. Its our second move in ten years, a house in the middle ground area £175000 - 275000, so the discount in asking price is circa £50,000. I suppose its down to the situation of the current vendors. If they purchased 6-8 years ago with a 90% mortgage then they are never going to sell unless they take a huge loss. This pa
  2. Hi I rent a unit in the Enkalon Industrial estate in the same area you are looking at. I've also looked at buying over the last 18 months and the price that units (and plots with planning permission) in the same area have fallen by is shocking. My latest call (6 months ago) with the agent who I'd made enquiries with regarding one of the plots of land began with him knocking a full 50% of the advertised brochure price and ended with him saying "just make me an offer". They are desperate to shift these units. The commercial market is completely depressed. Our lease is up in 4 months and we
  3. So, I was coming on here tonight to ask a question about the average house prices commented on in the Belfast Telegraph article (linked to by a post from Shotolight earlier on today in another thread). If Nationwide show an average house price in Northern Ireland at the end of December in the region of £113k and UUJ quote a current average house price of £140k it leads me to believe that UUJ are collating their figures from the average asking prices of estate agents in Northern Ireland and as such these figures are fictional and of no use to anyone. However, I recently sold my property, a t
  4. Can i ask a couple of questions just to clarify a few things. It may be the wrong thread to do it here, apologies if it is. What, if any, is the difference in Capital Value and Rateable Value. For my property that I am currently in, both of these values are exactly the same and incidentally it is also the exact price I put my house on the market for last month (didn't know this at the time). The property I am looking to move to also has identical RV and CV values, though they are 36% below the current asking price. Now, second question. I know this property has work done to it in the las
  5. Woohoo Thanks for that reply. I'll keep you posted
  6. Thanks. I'll have to try something, looks like the renting for six months may be unavoidable though! Heres hoping this year is the year the penny is finally going to drop with EA's and vendors who believe that their properties can't be worth anything less than they paid for them three years ago!!
  7. Cheers for the reply, you've misunderstood the situation. The EA representing the house we are interested in is the one who in my opinion overvalued our own home, I never used his services in the end, and without naming him, the majority of properties that he his selling in the Lisburn area are way of the mark. I just get the impression I'll be getting nowhere with him if I approach him with an offer. As you're in this line of business, is it acceptable to go straight to the vendor and tell them (in the nicest possible way) that their EA is living in the past and make them an offer directly.
  8. Hi This is my first post on here and I've spent the last month trawling through some of the topics looking for bits and pieces of advice. I'll give you a brief rundown on our position. We put our house (3 bed semi in a nice part of Lisburn) up for sale at the start of November 2011 with the assumption that it would be March/April of 2012 before we would have any genuine interest. We had two valuations, one at £135k (way off the mark) and one at £115k. We went for the second valuation and accepted a bid of £112k within 10 days of it going on the market. We have agreed with the buyer to be out
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