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  1. Do the associations who own the buildings pay tax on the income they receive as rent ? Most crime is can be measured against the likelihood of the offender getting caught. Offenders will commit more crime if there is little chance that they will be caught or the penalty for the crime when caught will be only to remind them of the rules. They will say that "it's within the rules", because they also make the rules. The real problem lies with ourselves, we let them do it.
  2. I'm sure lots of MP's will be on Sky news telling us that it's "within the rules". Well who makes the rules? The more you learn about these people the less likely you are to vote.
  3. Give me a hotline to the people that listen to all the phone calls in the world and I could make a few quid too.
  4. Didn't want to suggest that both partners in a family should work, however, it is now the norm and should be included in any calculations. All I'm trying to say is that prices are controlled mainly by affordability, eventually interest rates will rise and prices will fall. Unless we get rich foreigners to buy in places other than London, wages rise by 30% or the government passes a law that not only the husband and wife's income can go towards a mortgage but the children's paper round can count as well.
  5. We all know that average house prices in a country so diverse as ours are perhaps without any value. However, even they can be used to see that prices will fall when using the other sets of averages we are given. average house prices when evening out the peaks and troughs since the second world war are around 4 times average yearly wages. Interest rates are around 5%. So in my area, average joint wages are £30,000 per year when we x 4 = £120,000. House prices are higher because the third element, the interest rate is 2.5%. The low interest rates have allowed another £60,000 in my region to be added to the average price. As we all know, interest rates will rise at some point. Unless the Chinese or Russians move out of London house prices will fall because of affordability when interest rates rise. it's all very simple.
  6. Count me as one of those. But also include the Tory in sheep's clothing, Blair. New Labour could have reversed a lot of her policies but chose to stick with most.
  7. Nearly 57% Of Budget Devoted To Pensions, Unemployment Benefits, And Interest; Can anyone tell us the figures for the UK. How far are we away from the Spanish position ?
  8. Bit surprised the other guy who plugs gold hasn't jumped on this one. It's obvious that the situation will get worse when more people wake up, however, as with house prices most are still fast asleep. No stock market crash this week-the person who's wrong should not post again.
  9. Bit surprised the other guy who plugs gold hasn't jumped on this one. It's obvious that the situation will get worse when more people wake up, however, as with house prices most are still fast asleep. No stock market crash this week-the person who's wrong should not post again.
  10. At last, it's been a long time coming. Where can I send my claim ? Both the RBS official web site and the chairman's statements clearly said they had little or no exposure to toxic debts !!!! They either knew or were being mislead themselves. Whichever way you look at it, someone is guilty of misleading the public and should be held accountable. Trouble is, it will show the BOE and the regulators to have been asleep at the wheel and so no action will be taken.
  11. Everyone seems to forget the social and political aspects. The Greek people will default and leave the Euro and here's why we in the UK would do the same. Imagine the UK in the Greek scenario, and imagine your own response. Would you rather leave the Euro, go your own way and starve under a situation you control, or stay in the Euro and starve under conditions set for you by the German/French Governments? I don't think we would have accepted control over our economy and nor will the Greeks.
  12. I think Merv's body language spoke for itself, he has no control over what's happening. The rate decisions and QE decisions are no longer his to make. Zebbedee is right, take your money from the bank and put it somewhere else.
  13. Voted that Greece would be bailed out but.... Did anyone else see the Greek ex-finance minister on sky? He was very clear that Greece should not repay the debts it already has, it should stay in the euro and keep taking handouts that it will not be able to pay back.
  14. Can we also name and shame the people who stood idly by. The BBC. The 650 members of parliament. Can anyone name a BBC economist or Member of Parliament who said a crisis was coming.
  15. I think Sir Sydney Ruff-diamond puts it well, they never saw the problems coming although people on this forum and elsewhere did. It frustrates me no end to hear the much used phrase " nobody could have seen this crisis coming " , it is of course absolute nonsense to suggest that no-one saw it coming. But.... we now have the same people "who didn't see it coming" planning our escape. Sadly they wont see that what they are doing now with low interest rates and QE is wrong either. However.... Bet against everything they tell you will happen and you'll win most of the time. "Greece won't leave the euro" . bet that it will. "inflation will go back to 2% this year". bet against it. "we will not go back into recession" . bet that we will. "house prices will stabilize". say no more.
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