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  1. The elites have their fingers in many pies , i dont see any reasoning that hp are high because elite want it, its just a bonus for them. Government intervention has caused investment demand. Without government interference i doubt we would have had this frenzy. The double whammy of cheap labor flooding in makes it worse.
  2. Weakly in that it is just an added bonus. The main beauty of the quick fix is that they can hire professionals at a fraction of the cost and spend nothing on their education. Good for the indigenous who have already made their nest, pretty bad for the rest. I am not convinced that high house prices are directly because the elites are heavily invested, though i would say that it is inked.
  3. I wasnt blaming immigrants if you re-read what i said. I can accept it and what it does to wages , its a natural market force. What i can not accept is how Government has consistently ramped the housing market to the stage its in now. If they wish to do that, then i would wish that immigrants didnt flood in.
  4. Id agree that i like the foreign workers i meet at work - 70% of my department. However my Hungarian colleague, freshly recruited at half my price, said he would continue working for half his wage and even considered forwarding this information to the recruiter, until i stopped him. I guess the fact is that eventually there has to be some sort of wage parity, thats fine. What isnt fine is at the same time as championing cheap labor, forcing UK citizens fight for ever decreasing wages, they are rocketing the cost of putting a roof over my head (and others) - to now impossible levels. In t
  5. Yes , im just trying to understand why he would say that money would go into property. I do like a lot of what he says , it seems to make some sense to me. His general view seems to be that governments are going to go balls out on Taxation and pretty much help themselves peoples savings in anyway possible (i do remember reading one quote from the ECB (i think) calling savings a surplus) - i definitely can see some of this happening. So in that sense i can see money going into assets, property included. However he does contradict, as i read the other week that people would save more due
  6. I still find what he has to say interesting. From what he is saying, my understanding is that during the deflationary period, governments will go on a rampant tax hunt (the EUs proposal of a 1 off super tax does not fill me with joy). With our ruling class doing everything possible to tout real estate i can see his reasoning.
  7. Would be nice if this is widespread. TBH ive stopped looking as i refuse to sign myself up to this monumental madness, it was already a joke 10 years ago. I dont believe that prices will start dropping for another year or so. Meanwhile im looking to move abroad.
  8. I wonder how many aspirations the glutton has consumed. Still i would not swop my position for his, not for all the houses in the UK.
  9. I used to constantly browse for possibilities , though i stopped late last year. Ive come to the conclusion that i will not buy (or live) in the UK.
  10. I agree, there comes a point where it just isn't financially feasible any more. That point is long past for me, i dont see any possible good/value in almost 2 decades of worry, work and saving resulting in a crappy new build flat. Im looking to move back to Holland or elsewhere. I dont really want to leave the UK, but the real fact is i dont have the money to live in one of the pockets i consider a nice place to live and raise a family.
  11. I agree, but there is always an overshoot. It seems to be all guns blazing until the next election, no matter what the consequences, so plenty of time to get there. Not fully sure what to do with the cash savings though... Was just reading Mr Armstrongs view on the Euro:- "The rise in the Euro is indicative of an economic decline as we saw with the Yen in Japan and the US dollar back in the early 1930s. It was the rising dollar back then that led to Roosevelt's confiscation of gold and the devaluation of the dollar. So the trend in the euro is not yet complete. The higher it rises th
  12. Well if they do, would this not streangthen the pound more (in the short term)? As mad as it all sounds i am still waiting for a pound to dollar high - im hoping for around 1.00 GBP = 2 USD ...please.
  13. "The landlord … watches the busy population around him making the city larger, richer, more convenient. .. and all the while sits and does nothing. Roads are made … services are improved … water is brought from reservoirs one hundred miles off in the mountains and -all the while the landlord sits still … To not one of these improvements does the landlord monopolist contribute and yet by every one of them the value of his land is enhanced … At last the land becomes ripe for sale – that means the price is too tempting to be resisted any longer … In fact you may say that the unearned increment …
  14. ha - your joking now, but if our illustrious leaders carry on pumping the worlds population into the UK.....i think you could be right on the money!
  15. .......and once you add in council tax and utilities thats a good chunk of the average wage pished up the wall.
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