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  1. If BVI came out and said "higher LTV is better for business and I want a new 7 series" at least I'd respect his honesty. The public concern stuff is just so false, and anybody who doesn't see it needs a wake-up call. How anyone can be interested in a householder saying we need more houses is beyond me.
  2. Missed this little gem back in early Dec from Templeton Robinson. http://www.templetonrobinson.co.uk/blog/220/Statistics-about-Statistics "After the publication of these three recent reports our local media have taken their own spin/slant. It often appears to depend on their mood and continued pessimism. They tend to lift the most negative sections of the reports in their belief it helps to sell papers or increase TV ratings." My goodness! Imagine! I mean using spun property stories! That's awful. Oh, wait a minute.....
  3. Desperation. SALES to increase, price balance improving in some parts of England. For BelTel to use that headline just shows the old ******** peddling heart is still beating.
  4. Your article is about England and Wales unfortunately, so has little or no relevance here. No- it's because there is no housing shortage in NI. Your salary is dependent on THE view that there is a housing shortage. It is just another myth peddled with as little credence as "you'll miss the boat" or "rent is dead money". For example- LINK "5000 empty properties in Northern Ireland"
  5. http://dcms.collinsstewarthawkpoint.com/researchnotes/15d09a167715489eb3d54f75aae0f968.pdf Page 24 onwards. "Shortage, what shortage? Decades-old claims of a “structural under-supply” of housing which have driven government policy and possibly housebuilder valuations appear flimsy UK’s housing stock has been rising at double the rate of population growth for 20 years and is around the average for the main European countries Projections of household formation appear to be subjective and elastic" "Housing stock outpaces population for two decades Annual housing stock data for the UK ha
  6. Face palm. Portadown? Should meet some colourful tenants. Excellent example of how to diversify your investments.
  7. As always for the past 6 years, if you're onto such a winner get stuck in! Don't let your goldmine investment secret out on here! Are you nuts! And why just buy 1? Buy two- you'll make double and this time next year you'll be millionaires. Innit.
  8. I find wilful disregard of the basic economic link between supply, demand, price and price movement insulting. I've seen this kind of post on house price crash forums for 6 years whilst prices have been falling. Sadly some susceptible people may read BVI's long and convincing looking posts and believe that there is indeed a shortage of houses in NI, and may even think that there is urgency to buy. Maybe someone else could explain it clearly to BVI because I don't have the patience.
  9. I lived in around there from 2004 - 2006. I remember at the start the houses were about £45K, and when I left people were paying £100K for them. It was staggering. Tough times- not sharing the view of the masses back then really set you apart and made conversation and keeping friends difficult in many situations. I lost respect for many people who I thought were intelligent. Groupthink. Pathetic.
  10. Ghost estates, falling house prices for 6 years and counting, no homeless on streets, boarded up houses everywhere, empty houses everywhere........................... What is the point. Did i mention falling house prices for 6 years and counting? There are only 2 shortages of housing- London and affordable. Shortage of affordable housing is not the same as shortage of housing. Government/"economist" comments on housing shortage are simply VI shite. I really can't be arsed going on and won't bother in the future. It's like talking to Roger Irrelevant.
  11. From another thread: This. This loses you all credibility. I'm sorry but you seem to post long winded regurgitations of discredited arguments.
  12. Excellent. Just shows that lying is all EAs know. They learn it as part of the job so don't even know when they're doing it. It is to be pitied really. Lack of integrity is so prevalent now it is very sad.
  13. I couldn't agree more. The scheme only functions to get people to pay too much for houses, buy houses above their natural price bracket or buy a house when they can't afford to and should be renting. BVI lost all credibility for me when he/she tried to argue that there was a housing shortage in NI
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