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  1. I have a Laptop and a 3G HSDPA card Thanks for the quick reply; problem was fixed within 2 hours.
  2. All, Hi, a question....I've just arrived home to find the entire contents of my (well, the land lords) cold water tank all over my landing & stairs...I obviosly now have no water and it's blown the electricity...my 5yr old daughter gets home from school in 1 hour...does anyone know what I'm legally entitled to (either statute or otherwise) regarding immediate compensation, re-housing or a timeline to fix the issue to my satisfaction? Thanks in advance.
  3. All, can anyone help to shed some light on my situation..? Having read HPC on a daily basis, since the start of this year, I sold up and moved into rented a couple of months ago. I signed a tenancy agreement with the lady who owns the house I now rent and moved in. A couple of days ago I was informed by the Insolvency Service that her husband (still the co owner of the house) has had a bankruptcy order served against him, 20 days before I signed the tennancy agreement. I ran a search on the land registry website and he is indeed still the co-owner. The Insolvency chaps are telling me to s
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