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  1. Eldest is 4 next year 2013 in aug, so will need to enrol into school in 10 months time. Looking at Bromley Heath, some nice houses, space and garden, although some need a lot of work
  2. Brislington is a nightmare with traffic, fact! Have you looked near north bristol plenty about and near parkway station which would mean train into temple meads, m4 m5 ease etc.
  3. I've kept an eye on downend and winterbourne area and houses seem to sell quite quickly So I guess location, price, what's on offer etc. Although a 4 bed detached near me dropped the asking price from £280k I think to £259k or less to shift!
  4. Two posts about the country side, but what's the definition of that close to north bristol?
  5. I'm looking as you quote crappy semi in downend. I'm not from the area but you don't seem to get much north bristol and downend seems to be regarded ok. Any example of places in country you mention for similar prices to what downend average is?
  6. Both myself and wife work north bristol area close to parkway station With a 2 year old and a new one due early next we're thinking of the the future on schools etc. We like winterbourne but seems very expensive and not much about. Does anyone know what downend, Bromley Heath is like? Houses seem to offer what we want , although some very pricey, but been told schools are ok? Dont fancy new builds or maze of Bradley stoke
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