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  1. Over the last six months we have made about five offers on different places of £135,000 (two up two down Maidstone West) and been flatly turned down. And been cruelly mocked by estate agents into the bargain! Two houses no longer on market, but rest sold at asking price. Since February I see the same 50 terrace houses under £140,000 that missed the gravy train on rightmove. Every so often undergoing a little sporadic painful correction, but still there. I am spending £50 a week on petrol commuting to Maidstone, but reckon that's less than the downward drift in house prices in our range.
  2. I'm guessing it will. Be the usual subliminal fall for both year on year and monthly.
  3. Not sure why bubble applied to house prices is contentious, but I think the moment a bubble collapses is a fairly sharp turning point in sentiment. That moment just before a tipping point is reached in general awareness in society. Bit like the off topic thread on how brain activity shows preparation to move about 0.5 secs before you consciously decide to move. The time taken to process that offloading of property is not so important. That's just the balloon endlessly wailing round the room until final collapse. Already been burst and that was the instantaneous bit.
  4. I thought the nature of a bubble is that the final process is instantaneous. I see a stagnant moribond Market waiting stubbornly for prices to rise up to sellers expectations.The belief that the government would attempt to keep house prices deliberately high for the foreseeable future has just gone pop. That was it, the turning point. If there is not an immediate stream of smarter BTL properties up for sale and a downward surge on asking price from keener sellers, just before the flood of all the rest, then logic no longer applies.
  5. Ooops Finger trouble Jan-Mar 2012 Flats Terraced Semi Detached (0 sales) (6 sales) (4 sales) (4 sales) £0 £184,333 £117,500 £310,000 Anyway very little moving in Maidstone so far this year. Completely messes up usual proportions between house types when there are so few sales. But I note that the flat line didn't. (sorry for that) So much for all the hype.
  6. Up My Street Flat Terraced Semi Detached Jan-Mar 2012 (0 sales) (6 sales) (4 sales) (4 sales) £0 £184,333 £117,500 £310,000
  7. Their sales pitch seems to be aimed at retarded teenagers. Nope, my retarded teenager hated it.
  8. wow! Love it, believe me I think I've looked round so many house like this. I would happily pay to see them all written up as eloquently as this! . but do you think the writer had just got the sack? I can't see "Hope may then resurface upon viewing the lounge, a reception room with a high ceiling, but will require any purchaser to acquire step ladders to eradicate those pesky spider webs, something that is clearly beyond the present owner. " getting past a vendor..
  9. Can't pay your 2 million house tax.......Get a lodger...
  10. I guess up 1% revised down month after to 0.5%. But I'm also guessing the usual hallelujah chorus for every possible up spin is going to be just slightly more muted this time.
  11. I have to get to work in Maidstone, but the further west you go the more expensive the houses. There some amazing properties in Ramsgate, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-21253659.html Ok this is big money, but I suspect it would be twice that anywhere else
  12. I was expecting the whole process to take a little while, as the elderly lady in the house had only just started to look around, so it could have sat there on Rightmove for months waiting for anyone who fancied to put in a slightly higher offer. And I am afraid that is happening around here. I had already made it clear (or so I thought) that I wasn't happy to rely my trust of EAs not to take any other viewings. But, whatever the misunderstanding of terminology, I really object to being shouted at! Probably they already have another buyer lined up. Anyway, I will drop an letter in to let the owner know why I am no longer interested.
  13. Asked for property to be taken off market before we will proceed with solicitors details. Told by EA 1 that it is off the market, I say no.... I can still see it right in front of me on Rightmove. Told in loud and hectoring tone that obviously SOLD STC is exactly the same as taken off the market. I say no , because I can still be gazumped. Passed to EA 2 who tells me again in loud and hectoring tone to unclick the sold tag in rightmove search. But.. of course I say its not going to appear then.. "YOU ARE NOT LISTENING just click the sold button" "CAN YOU SEE NOW it is no longer there" I say "well of course but I can still be gazumped" "WELL THAT IS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET" "But it is still visible, so that is not what I call taken off the market" "BUT THE HOUSE IS NOW TAKEN OFF THE MARKET" ""But it is still visible, so that is not what I call taken off the market so... "WELL THAT HOUSE IS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET" ...Goodbye now, I have to get to work now.." What's the sound... Oh yes, me walking very slowly and quietly away, that works so well, shouting at people to make them part with their money. I can commute another month and watch prices slip a little bit further down.
  14. OK this may be old, but I've just found it. Says it all for me
  15. So basically this is a holiday cottage for the super rich.
  16. And is 39 close or completely wrong I need to know, because if this wisdom of crowds thing is rubbish I need to stop dipping into HPC now!
  17. Not familiar with Injin posts but Lone Ranger non pc styling of name alone convince me that he is over 50. Is there a prize?
  18. hard to vote for what you think and ignore what you hope
  19. My boss rented a house that came with two elderly cats. So he went oh.....ok It cost him over a thousand quid in vet bills over the next year! Turned out the local vet said both were over ten years old according to their records and in need of lots of tender loving money.
  20. Are they interested in helping with buying a 125,000 rathole in Maidstone? No? Back to importuning Kirsty then...
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