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  1. I heard it on Radio 4 just before 9:00. I couldn't believe it. Reminded the wife about her tirade last month about living in a rental house for the last five years!
  2. I firmly believe the that the falls we have seen so far are only the beginning. Even two of three more interests rates reductions will not prevent a further 35% drop on top of the 15% we have seen already.
  3. Asking prices for rents are falling fast where I live. House are not selling despite price cuts so the owners are trying to rent them.
  4. You can't relay on Property Snake alone since it only tracks a limited number of websites. You should install Property Bee. I have started to see asking prices reduced in the South East.
  5. Check out Lot 10: 65, Tideslea Path, Greenwich, London, Greater London, SE28 0LY sold for £349,995 on 09/08/05 http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=65+ti...a+path&n=10 Sold at auction for only £172,000! That's a bid drop!
  6. I think I am correct in saying that these number are for transactions before the Norther Rock issue. The monthly figures should start to turn negative from next month onwards. The volumes based upon value number are very interesting. I am sure that the high volume of expensive properties is skewing the average price.
  7. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind.../news+rightmove
  8. The BBC did report last month's rise but failed to report the preceding month's big fall of 2.7%.
  9. Yes again the BBC have failed to report on the latest Rightmove index price falls!!
  10. Don't forget that last time around we enjoyed a significant discount on our repayments in the form of MIRAS tax relief. For any one in the higher tax band it was 40%.
  11. Sorry, I posted the wrong link. Thank you OnlyMe for posting the correct one.
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm.../cnhedge130.xml
  13. All of you bulls who mocked RB on his posts on the trend in the LR figures, take note!
  14. I was looking through the results of the latest auction on the Barnard Marcus website and came across this: http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=chalg...harrow&n=10 Chalgrove as bought for £670K in November of 2002 and sold for £2m in August 2006. It was put up for auction in July 2007 with a reserve of £1.3m! The bidding opened at £1.2 and went up to £1.27. http://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk/ (You will need to click on "last auction" and then click on the July date). Some one has lost a lot of money!
  15. It appears that the number of properties remaining unsold is slowing increasing each month. It drops from 82% in March to 71% in July. http://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk/ (You need to click on "Current Auction" on the right hand side of the screen)
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