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  1. £85k for a 3 bedroom house!!!! Thats the stuff of dreams here in Essex
  2. I do find it funny how people get so tetchy about how other people chose to spend their money. and Estate Agent?! How VERY dare you! For some people life's ambition is 2.4 Children and a 3 bedroom detached house and a Ford Mondeo on the drive. Me? I see a house as a need rather than a want. When I mentioned £2500 in the originally post I was talking metaphorically rather than in my own personal situation. I'll be looking at around £1300 in my own situation but they will still kit out most of a living room, every little helps when you've got to kit out your first house! Anyway, unless s
  3. No, just someone who wanted to enjoy life before I did the house thing.
  4. OK, about £17k of that was from a nice motor I had and sold just before the used car market crashed. Sold it as I decided now was to time to get rid of the deprecating asset
  5. Currently a FTB with (nearly) £30k deposit and looking to buy in either West Ipswich (Pinewood etc) or East Colchester (Highwoods). Looking to spend around £130000-£140000 With George Osborne announcing the scrapping of free stamp duty for first time buyers not long ago I imagine many people in my situation are wondering what gamble to take at the moment. - Rush to buy a property before the end of March to save anything up to £2500 in stamp duty fees. The risk here is property prices could fall further and what you save in Stamp Duty could be minor compared to the possible negative equity
  6. Or the more politically correct term; ex-local authority? I have tried searching on the forum but no joy.
  7. Personally? I would look elsewhere. I have spent the last 14 months looking at new builds and although the 'factory fresh' feeling is nice most of them are small, poorly built & laid out, don't have driveways or garages and to top it off are so crammed in you have everyone looking through your window. Then theres the final nail in the coffin which is that they are 20% above the equivalent used house so you will be plunged into negative equity right away.
  8. Hi all, First post here but been reading the forums for a few months now Single first time buyer with a £30k deposit but a car nut so want a garage or car port which for my budget (£130k-£140k) is proving rather difficult due to unrealistic pricing. I have found a property in Colchester that is right next to a communal car park (10 cars?) and the house I am potentially looking at house has two allocated spaces with it I understand that many house builders put stipulations on the deeds of houses when new of things you can and can't do to a property. Does anyone know the best place to look
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