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  1. As a Spaniard living in London since 2009 I can only say one thing, forewarned is forearmed. I can perfectly see London dragging the the rest of the UK down with it, I just hope politicians and bankers come to senses before it happens.
  2. I just look at the total sqm, if it's less than 65 then I assume the second bedroom is single and, if it's less than 55 then there is no second bedroom but a big wardrobe.
  3. As a Spaniard living in London with a flat in Spain currently being rented out I can tell you, now is not a good time to buy in Spain, prices must go down further. It's just in the last few months that some of the bankrupt savings banks (known as "Cajas") are starting to sell off their stock of overvalued properties. Bankia which an abomination, a black hole sucking taxpayer's money like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the fusion of more than 13 zombie "Cajas" has not started to sell so there's still a lot of housing stock held "prisoner", only once that stock goes out in the open will be a good time
  4. For a second I thought you'd say "on a 0.0001% shared ownership" basis.
  5. Just got a call from the EA, apparently my offer din't persuade the developer, it seems they have many offers higher than mine. That's life I guess, I'm not in a hurry to buy anyway. Thank you all for your help, I really appreciated it.
  6. You're right, I tried to edit my post but I can't see a button or anything. It's 744 sqf 69.1 sqm , so the price per sqf is £330.000 / 744 = £443.55 . On another note, I rang the EA again yesterday and told him that I was sorry but 300K was as far as I'd be willing to go, he said he'd talk to the developer again and come back to me today. I'll keep you posted and, thanks everyone for your advice! .
  7. The flat is a new 2 bed in Clapham South, 74.4 sqf + small rear backyard, hence, 330,000 / 74.4 = £4435.48 per sqf.
  8. Hello fellow HPCers, I come to you asking for advice, last week I put an offer for a new build, they're asking 330K, I offered 300K, the EA came back to me this morning saying that the developer had rejected the offer and that the lowest they'd be willing to accept would be 315K, I can't go higher than 300K and I explained the EA that adding 10K in Stamp Duty plus another 5K in legal fees and other stuff I would already have to pay 315K. His answer was that If I could increase the offer by 2 or 3k he might be able to work with the developer, explaining them my circumstances and so on. I mus
  9. Thanks a lot for your answer, I'm starting to think that waiting until the 2nd half of 2012 might be a good idea, at least in terms of seeing where the prices are heading. I'm not in a massive hurry to buy but due to personal circumstances, neither can wait indefinitely. Thanks a lot for your advice. As someone said in a previous post, I can find the type of property I want at the price I can afford in Tooting but, I still like Clapham quite a bit so I'd rather wait for some time and hope for a shift in prices over there.
  10. First of all, thanks everyone for your replies. Any ideas as to why most flats are l/h ?. What's wrong with actually selling the stuff?. I mean, I don't know the intention of the average buyer in London but, like with most things, when I buy something It means I want to own it, not rent it for a long time. Are there any indicators I could look at ,(apart from the obvious ones) that might indicate a shift in price tendency (downwards) in the next 8-12 months?
  11. pyracantha, you've made a lot of assumptions about what I have and haven't done and what I may or may not choose to do. I know there are 2 bed flats within my budget in Clapham (I've been looking at rightmove for 2 months already, also checked property snake and property bee) and I've probably not been detailed enough as to what I'm looking for, please accept my apologies. Property wise I don't want anything on top of a business or in a noisy road, I wont' buy anything in a building more than 4 or 5 storey high and it has to have at least 60 sqm, also I don't like building where I have to walk
  12. Hello Everyone, First allow me to say hi, this is my first post in the forum. Now please excuse me as I'd like to go straight to the point. I'm thinking of buying a 2 bed flat in Clapham (ideally I'd love to buy in Fulham / Putney but, sellers there seem to have been smoking crack when they set the asking price) . My budget (for obvious reasons) is 250k (I already have an agreement in principle for that amount) but, the prices I'm seeing at rightmove seem to indicate that anything nice in the 60 to 65 sqm range is being sold for about 350k My question is, what's exactly wrong here? my budge
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