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  1. Thank you everybody, it is the caretakers house so maybe this is why the gov. is involved? I dont know. The house is nothing special as you can all see but the plot is very nice and sits ( out of school noise time ) in a very idilic quiet lane next to the common and in a sort after village location. I would be happy to buy it at 250k, just cant bring myself to buy anything for asking price. I will contact the West Sussex Council tomorrow to ask questions about the sale price of this property.
  2. I viewed this property http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30804172.html back in July when it first came on the market. It has since been under offer twice before becoming available again last week. I emailed the estate agent today with a cash offer and got a very speedy reply; Thank you for your email regarding the bungalow, but unfortunately 250,000 would not be accepted. Both the previous sales were agreed at the full price of 295,000 and more importantly the West Sussex County Council (owners) have had government approval for the property to be sold at 295,000 only. What advice can anyone give me, does the council/government really demand set prices only with no room for negotiation?
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