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  1. I won't take the vaccine. It's been rushed and does not stop the spread, so totally pointless for anyone healthy under 50.
  2. But they are being outbid by landlords, particularly at the FTB end of the market, I have seen it happening at auctions and its all I hear from Estate Agents. One decent area of Bristol has a landlord who basically hoovers up everything. According to a couple of estate agents he gets in there even before they are uploaded to Rightmove. How the f*** can the average FTB compete with that!
  3. Surprised no one has mentioned BTL and the impact on home ownership. I cannot see a crash because as soon as prices slide enough to offer a potential good yield then they will be snapped up by cash buyers who are frustrated with low savings rates.
  4. The area around Parkway is Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke etc - A huge estate of crappy tiny houses with no services or soul whatsoever!
  5. He should have just buggered off somewhere like Thailand and lived the life of a stud on very little money, like many of his age do.
  6. £1.50. I actually like the noise and buzz of a coffee shop, and if it gets too much I slip on the headphones.
  7. The problem with OZ is that soon as you step outside the big cities you have to contend with all the flies, and these little buggers get right in your face, in your mouth, nose etc - It may not sound a big deal but you'll end up inside most of the time just to get away from them or wear a silly hat with corks on.
  8. £1.50 for a tall filter coffee and free refills! I basically go to a different one everyday over a couple of weeks as there are at least a dozen costas/starbucks/neros within 10 minutes walk of where I live. I am not the only one, always a sprinkling of other workers in them too, makes for a very sociable existence. Try searching #coffice on twitter, there are millions of us around the globe. I tend to avoid locally owned coffee shops, which is a shame but I don't feel as comfortable sitting in them for 4/5 hours plus with one drink whereas I have no such guilt in chains where they make £300
  9. Decent areas of Bristol are on a par with London in terms of cost. Think £200k for a decent one bedroom flat in the nicest area Clifton. Poorer parts of Bristol require bullet proof vests to be worn at all times. We don't need anymore Londoners coming here to 'downsize' and pushing up prices even more!
  10. I use all my local Starbucks referring to them as 'The Coffice'. £1.50 for a filter coffee with comfortable lively surroundings and friendly hot student baristas is much better than £XXX a month for some shared office space or working from home and paying business rates to the wasteful council. So bring them on!
  11. I only think BTL works if you can buy outright, which is exactly what I plan to do from time to time. Blame the Govt/Banks for not offering savers any alternatives to protect against inflation!
  12. I'd tax people in the public sector more, like a public sector tax because they are not contributing much in terms of income for the country.
  13. I am guessing most people on here would not qualify to emigrate to OZ anyway so what's the point?
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