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  1. If you discovered an untouched ROC get the land owner or someone to lock the place up before the little scrotes find the thing and trash it.... I remember a certain Cheshire ROC was in perfect nick in the 90's with everything intact including a superb aircraft observation poster (classic Russian aircraft silhouettes!) all the gpo gear etc... - In fact we bricked it as it looked like someone had just popped out and were due back any second! - when we went back a couple years later the place had been gutted by fire
  2. I thought Haliburton were also responsible for sub standard well plugs - have they not been in trouble for this before?
  3. Did the press really apologise for this? As far as I was aware know one quite knows what was said! shame it is still often quoted by pro Zionist supporters and never challenged
  4. They should be refused planning permission until they pay those fines.
  5. And what was the captain & ship mates up to whilst this was going on? - Clearing the area and making the rats job easier by carrying the spoil away
  6. Surely it doesn't harm to hide your ssid? I can't see the point in making it non standard then not hiding it?
  7. WPA is a must I believe MAC isn't too difficult to 'get round'. 2 things you haven't mentioned - hide your SSSI (basically your network name) which adds another level so that 'wireless network' appears for your AP and also use something called AirDefense Personal Lite which gives you some advanced warning of suspicious activity on your wireless access point.
  8. What about the potential penalties of blocking direct debits and other transactions - I suspect the banks would be hated even more if transactions were stopped at the checkouts in a local supermarket or with that spanking telly at curry's (sorry forgot that would be credit )! What about the petrol station at Lands End when on the way home back to Manchester with a car full of kids? How about a blocked council tax payment - in our area three late payments now and you are in court! Now if these people couldn't adjust their spending habits then under differing rules they would still end up in trouble one way or another! Also, there has been an attitude of late that it is ok or normal to go into your arranged or even un-arranged overdraft each month - In fact I remember a time when people used to boast about being £600 overdrawn maybe these cretins should have realised if they were constantly going into their arranged overdraft or getting too close to their un-arranged overdraft each month they should have taken head and been a bit more careful - non of them appear to have done that! All this boils down to is the mass stupidity of ordinary people who don't like to accept any responsibility for their own actions. I suppose it is partly down to cheap credit which will have depreciated the apparent value of real money but that is not a reason to take matters so frivolously. I would support a claims system if you had to demonstrate that you had not lived beyond your means and you had been careful, that you had taken every action possible and spoken to your bank on a regular basis - but I think cases like this are few and far between tbh. This is just a culture of people expecting someone else to cover their debts, get as much as possible for free and not accept any responsibility for their own actions and it makes me sick.
  9. It is clear that the financial regulatory system designed to maintain order within our banking sector, so thoughtfully re-jigged and refined by this government, has utterly failed this once recently prosperous country. Will Gordon Brown ever be held to account for his tax, spend and lax policies that have left the United Kingdom in the Worst financial crisis in human history? I know people love to blame the bankers, but is it not the job of the regulatory system, and ultimately the responsibility of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to maintain a certain 'moral code' within the financial sector? Why should we expect bankers to do this in a competitive market FFS
  10. Not sure what to make of that site, or him tbh. One customer bankrupted the man for a single conservatory job hey? The hole notion of a site called roguecustomer really shows the level of respect he has for paying 'customers' in general. I can imagine the conversation during quotation. "Oh, by the way, I own a site called roguecustomers, been ripped off too many times blah blah...". What possible use has such a site got?
  11. What did the builder actually expect to gain from this exercise? Sympathy? Extra payment for the time spent ripping down the roof? Materials back? Yeah, they're going to be reusable aren't they! Maybe new clients won't notice? I don't have sympathy for him I am afraid. The builders actions speak volumes more about him than anything that has been said or appears to be done by the owners! At the very least he has absolutely no business sense! I worked (ashamedly) for a builder who offered sub-par work (not quite cowboy but came close) and on the face of things it never appeared to be him at fault, Very, very good at convincing 3rd parties (including family and friends) to 'understand' his point of view and was never, unless glaringly obvious in the wrong. Customers were NEVER right - I could often see the opposite though! I actually suspect the owners had issues which were not satisfactorily sorted. I am sure the last 5 years there will have been plenty of correspondence with neither party being satisfied. 15k out of 60k sounds a lot but if new builders need to be called in after such a big project it will possibly leave them further out of pocket! I will personally never undertake such tasks without references and a clear contract agreed by both parties so that is where the clients fail.
  12. I would add threatfire to that list too! Scary stuff hey... First I have heard of this and not like it's new either!
  13. Saw a bit of this. I was surprised that the celebs or whatever you call them did a better job at recognising the secret ingredients in the sausages than the chefs! I hate to say, but I thought she almost looked ok tonight, sorry
  14. A bit like the 'illegal' overdraft charges then I hate lazy f*ckers who use a bus lane to save a few minutes, bit like those who drive into the hatching areas to get ahead of the patient folk and onto a carriageway like it's an extra lane. They deserve everything they get IMO!
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