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  1. I have pointed out before that a 'slump' 'aint going to happen in the SE, which is why I bought a house (albiet at 2004 prices) at the end of last year. I saw a rare oppourtunity to pick up a bargain in the Winter which is what I did. Prices have contiued to rise, which I found surprising, expecting stagnation here. Apparently 'Realistbear' has seen prices slumping in Sussex, but as I've pointed out, no one wants to live in Hastings
  2. Wrong again, I suppose you'd have said the same thing when I started buying my Investment properties in 1996? What I bought in December was a Home, as I'd been living in rented for four years. House prices may stagnate for a number of years, but will still be a good hedge against Inflation compared to other assets. You can continue to adopt the Ostrich position, I'll use my gut instinct when to buy or sell . It's served me well in the past and will serve me well in the future.Better than listening to Rodney Trotter bleating next year we'll have a HPC We've had it and you didn't even notice
  3. In West Kent we're seeing the opposite. I bought the end of last year, Identical House three doors down, just gone for 10% more. Needs a lot of work doing on it too, mine had been fully refurbd by previous owners. Mad here, absolutely mad!
  4. I'm afraid this is just total bollux RB. I live in the Tunbridge Wells / Sevenoaks area and prices continue their upward trend. Most sellers are achieving well in excess of 2007 peak prices. I can only assume you live in some dump like Hastings where no one wants to live
  5. Sibley lives in Maidstone, dosesn't he /she ? I bet prices will drop there, it's a bit of a s hithole! Elsewhere, here in the SE property seems to be 'flying off the shelf' most around the asking prices!
  6. From MSE can't believe the arrogance! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2585937
  7. 28/4/2008 15/6/2010 Looks like the blokes run up over £200,000 worth of Legal fees as well! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=885979
  8. 28/4/2008 15/6/2010 Looks like the blokes run up over £200,000 worth of Legal fees as well!
  9. You may have made a good decision, although this depends on many factors. I bought at the end of last year, for fairly much the same reasons. Interest on my STR savings had dropped and were only just covering rent, also getting worried about inflation ,and after four yesrs of renting I wanted my own place. Assumed the values would drop after I moved in (bought at 2004 price) but how wrong I've been. After six months an identical house has just sold (four doors down) at 10% more than I paid! Now here's the rub - the house hasn't been modernised since it was built in 1968! The place is a complete dump, mine had been totally refurbished by previous owner, only difference is one just sold has a slightly bigger garden. It's a mad, mad World out there, I certainly can't see prices dropping here in the SE, everything seems to be selling very quickly.
  10. I see Hamish is reeking havoc on MSE House price Forum. He does raise some good arguments / Topics, but then they seem to descend into 'mud slinging' which is a shame. Looks like your 'spring bounce' is still going Goat, although one wonders for how much longer.
  11. Agreed, I'm withdarawing my ISA in August when the 6% two year fix finishes. The othe £250,000 I had with them, has just been withdrawn and bought a House. 2004 prices, new bathroom and Kitchen. Fully redecorated and new carpets. Couple only there for two years, Husband died and she was desperate to move.
  12. I really can't see prices rising much in 2010, but I really can't see them crashing when you've got strong numbers like these! http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/statistics/li/2009/nov/lendind.pdf
  13. Sibley, yours is one of the areas where prices are definately going down! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/kent/8434426.stm
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