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  1. Injin just a general question Why do you continue to post on here? Everyone thinks your theories are unrealistic and backed up by little more than wishful thinking and a unique perspective Even if you were right and gold is a pile of shite, if 99.9% of the world population tend to disagree it makes being right completely pointless I only ask because I can't fathom why you bother, you are eloquent and if I were you I would do something more constructive with my time
  2. Sadly we are not able to barter with bits of land, the best store of value IMHO Anyway Is that not overpriced? Maybe in a bubble? PS Gold is not in bubble, fiat currency is. . .
  3. The thing is once he gets in he will make damn sure we are even more unequal, encourage even more immigration, ensure even closer ties with the feckless EU and basically FCK us over even more and anyone who disagrees gets sent to the gulag Is that not the labour plan FFS! Divide and Rule I seem to recall it got leaked out when they were in power in 2009 but seeing as they pretty much ran the BBC then it got buried behind the Gog who can whistle story Whenever some fckwit says 'tory cuts' to me I spit 'LABOUR DEBT' back at them But of course most NEW labour voters hate the truth/ common se
  4. I seriously doubt any other political party could have made more of mess of things if they had tried They staggered from one feck up to another with about as much style and intelligence as Brian Harvey running over himself in his own Mercedes They were to government what Miranda Hart is to comedy
  5. I know what you are saying but please remember that Labour managed to destroy the British way of life probably for ever, they should be in the Tower FFS! mind control, uncontrolled immigration, signing up for more EU treaties (despite promising us a referendum if we voted for them in 97), replacing jobs with benefits, encouraging chav labour voters to have even more kids and never work Invading Iraq for selfish reasons i.e Oil, United States approval instead of invading to remove iraq from a despicable tyrant and regime. No plan to build peace after the war For bugging Kofi Annan's
  6. I know some posters are treating this as a bit of a joke headline But you try spending a few months or years on the dole after school/college because there are no jobs as the bankers/labour/immigrants/chav scum/etc have bled the country dry for two decades You have no future and no one gives a fck and you slowly give up all hope
  7. Gold will continue to trickle up at the rate of about RPI+ 2% (true inflation?) for the foreseeable future. Silver will possibly outperform Gold as it is getting scarcer and is used in more and more industrial processes All this talk of a break out to $2,000 or a drop back to $1,100 is complete finger in the air stuff. it might or it might not (based on manipulation/ investor sentiment) but it shouldn't really Simples
  8. Hey RB Great gains there, no GREAT Gains infact! Mind telling me why you picked them. I've got a few unit trusts but its pretty vague about what each is REALLY investing in Any useful websites John PS A silver ETF might be pushing 15% too!
  9. Not sure which way gold is headed But I know paper is going to Zero
  10. Annual Costs of EU Membership Last time it was calculated, in 2008, the European Union was costing us £65 billion gross every year. That's about £1,000 each every year for every man, woman and child in the UK. It increases every year, so it will be a lot more now. * Source: Office for National Statistics "Pink Book" Which is what £5k per annum for every taxpayer? What do we get out of it/ Fk all- except those pointless signs telling us shitsville is twinned with Algernon, West Germany WAKE UP!
  11. Noticed the last one was a log chart this one proves the point that gold 'holds it own' even better. I think its telling us to buy a house now as this is about as cheap as they are going to get by the way. Shame few people can afford/get a mortgage for one at the moment, Aye there's the rub'
  12. Gold might not be stable from one year to the next at times (though its been a good bull run) however when you compare it to land/house prices (something I always think of a stable commodity) it has held its own for a VERY long time. Maybe some of the naysayers say it has 'no real value', but who gives a fuk its been a good store of value for 5,000 years for the very reasons that it still is. Shares in a company might in theory provide a dividend and capital growth, however in a depression they are just as likely to pay zero dividend, dribble down or exist solely for the apparent benefit of
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