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  1. Hi, it depends on the sort of data you are after, location specific or long term historic data. This website has Historic house prices and mortgages values for Scotland.
  2. Hi, Have a look at this chart -East Midlands House prices It shows the actual house prices in the East Midlands. It also shows the mortgage, income and deposit for house purchases in the region, so you can see how you compare. Enjoy!!!
  3. Examining historical date from the ONS, which is used to compile the CPI and RPI inflation measures, UK train and bus/coach fares have all increases inline with each other since 1987. Bus/coaches slightly ahead, as show in the char below; Chart of Bus and Coach Fares vs Train Fares since 1987, from www.inflationarypressure.com. However since 1990 bus/coach fares have increases faster then RPI, see chrt below, but does this tell the whole story! Chart of Bus and Coach Fares vs RPI Inflation Measure since 1987, from www.inflationarypressure.com Historically UK train fares increased in l
  4. Since the early 1990s UK train fares have increases faster then inflation as reported by RPI (as shown by the graph below), but does this tell the whole story, as the recent news headline make out? Rail Fares vs RPI over 25 Years. Historically, UK train fares generally increased inline with UK average salary growth (as shown by the chart below). This is very different to the trend with RPI were train fares increases much faster. From all the news headlines recently, you would have thought that train fares were racing ahead from wages for the last 10 years. Rail Fares vs Average Wages
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