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  1. Regarding the comment about the instant gratification that you get from shopping in store. In some ways i actually prefer ordering online and getting the joy of having a package delivered and ripping into it. Makes me feel like a kid at christmas.
  2. 6 and a half years ago. Travel, cars, clothes, electronics, pretty much everything besides houses and pensions are easier.
  3. This is what I'm talking about, there is no point in going on a life strike. It's too short so you need to play the card you are dealt as they come out. Maybe it's not as easy as our parents generation to get a house, but it is easier to do other things so you may as well make the most of what you have. I've got my fingers crossed that in the next few years the housing Market will correct and people will start to see more reward for working but I can guarantee that if you go on any kind of life strike you will become depressed and remain skint. I can't predict what will happen in the future
  4. And the farmer is under the threat of his crops failing and starving to death which would you prefer. The macro picture is out of all of our control so the real question is what are YOU going to do to increase your social advancement. Even if houses quarter in price due to the total destruction of the welfare system if you have spent the last 5 years sitting in the room playing xbox you are still going to be skint and living at the bottom of the pile. There are people on here moaning that all they can save is 600 bucks a month, what do you expect to be able to save? All I hear is people mo
  5. Do you mean people on benefits? I though you just mean other jobs that you didn't think were as valuable as working in an office
  6. but I'm sure for the jobs they're doing, being litrate or using office isn't required. Not going to be much use if your laying bricks or cleaning a toilet, but if no one else can/ wants to do that then of course those jobs will pay more. Why would that be wrong?
  7. 13k is the starting salary. You can learn things while you work and then try to do better for yourself. We a rapidly finding out that the current benefit system cant be paid for sitting at home on the xbox is not going to be option for much longer. Theres slot of people who would love to sit in a warm in office all day. It isn't a great salary, but why do you think that being literate and able to use office should pay more than that?
  8. I've been thinking about why people are feeling disenfranchised just now more than ever so I'm going to brain dump my ideas onto this thread. I reckon people's expectations of life style just now are way out of whack with reality and that is mainly down to the media and television that is currently popular. If you look back 20 years the popular shows at the time showed people living in normal flats with normal lives. I.e. Only fools and horses, step toe and son, brookside etc etc. Now people seem to spend their time watching 'reality shows' where everyone is a millionaire. Only way is Essex,
  9. Last 2 visits to the cinema have crossed my personal threshold for pain on the cost front. Over 18 quid for 2 tickets is really not on for the experience you have. I do agree though that Hugo is an amazing film. I went to see that in 3d and the cinematography was incredible but again it cost more than 20 quid. I think I would actually prefer to buy a new 3d telly 500 and a full sky 3d package. Think that it would be better value for money over time
  10. I've always wondered what would happen to London if they removed all subsides. Housing benefits, tax credits, all central government offices, travel subsides, capital projects like the Olympics, the BBC etc. Would it become better or worse. On a slightly different note, I think the Olympics in London is a disgrace. If there is one place in the country where growth and investment doesn't need to be drummed up its there. If the ioc doesn't like it s0d them and spend the money on a center for sport anywhere else in the country. I also think the 'olympic lanes' on the roads is a joke and shows j
  11. It is an interesting situation. On one hand it seem ridiculous to give someone with a substantial amount of money benefits but on the other hand if you don't, you remove any incentive to save. I really don't know eats the correct answer for this one. I'm thinking benefits for all even millionaires might actually be the vest solution
  12. I'm honest enough to admit that i would spend my pension before I got to pension age in a fit of Ferrari itis so keeping it out my hands till I get older seems sensible to me. I don't however understand why (if you were to die for instance ) the money doesn't revert to your estate instead disappearing off to the invisible man. Actually where does it go?
  13. Surely if your on strike you should spend the day manning the pickets. If you spend the day t the shops and doing other leisure activities that's just an unpaid day off. That's considered a perk in the private sector!
  14. Roads were fantastic this morning. I would put them all on defined contribution with the rest of us. Current accruals protected and if they don't like it they can find another job. This would be the perfect time for the government to make a stand as I have not heard one person back this strike. The unions are having a laugh if they think they should get more than the last offer. I wouldst have even offered then that much.
  15. All I wanted was a cheaper house, not global economic chaos. Next few years are going to be interesting to say the least
  16. They will boost new build prices and undermine the rest of the Market with net result being negative or worse. Dreadful precedent though that the Tories are willing to interfere I the market like this. New brownism is definitely the case
  17. WWW.BBC.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-15826294
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