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  1. Spot on! Fantastic analogy with Government's house market manipulation = fraud and consequent huge loss for the whole society.
  2. Spot on. Each time the government announced the new homebuying initiative (last one is the newbuy) the prices of the new housing stock rises by exactly same amount.At least in my area.This of course has a contagious effect on house prices of older properties as well. :angry:
  3. Arbitrage, you are absolutely right.That IS the point of the School. Unfortunately, nowadays the world is overobsessed with "training","development",... Life is much simpler-just use the common sense. Notwithstanding the above, how come that after all these "training" courses the whole society was sliding down in every respect over the years?
  4. Thanks. That one is good as well, and on the basis of it, may I suggest CRAPotocracy as well ? I admire your determination to enquire about this issue, and to take it further. Over the years, I became very cynical and bogged down by the system. :angry: But, I still did not give up on trying to stop the wrong thing. At least, I can say that I tried. If each of us pushed a little, we might bring the change. Otherwise, Crapitalism will only get worse.
  5. f I told you about my UK teaching experiences, your blood would boil so much more. You are spot on everything apart on this USSR/Socialism rhetoric which so many people nowdays throw around like confetties. Trust me, all this "economy"/"education"/,"politics".... crap which is harmful&wateful to taxpayers has NOTHING to do with Socialism or Communism. I know, because I lived in both systems. This also is not a Capitalism, it is instead some perverse fusion of the worst CRAP of slavery/medieval/capitalism/communism/socialism rubbish, hence I refer to it as- CRAPitalism.
  6. Well thats the problem with CRAPitalism, when it runs out of other peoples money it expects a bailout.
  7. I remember him being lauded/hailed by the media and politicians as the "Golden Chancellor","Safe pair of hands",... and that we all had to "spend" in order to maintain/save the economy.(?!) He was to them truly the "Big Daddy" who safeguards and perpetually improves the economy with his magic wand. Or,was it his clanking fist (which sheeple loved) with the firm grip on everything?
  8. And,yes, it is already re-inflated here in Lewisham SE London which is very far from anything special.They have been doing this development for the City "artisans" &young "professionals" for 5 years now.for the first min 2 years they have been endlessly repainting the building site fence and putting huge plackards with titles "Lewisham is competing", or "Lewisham-the best place to work,rest and play",...with happy faces of all races and ages on posters.Not to mention that it was Council housing with townhouse style,hence nothing wrong with them.Then they "regenerated" these tenants, and paid them pittance for their leasoholds, the rest of the money these people still owe to the bank for the rest of their mortgages.Not to mention that despite local resident's objections they started building some 3 years ago huge towers with extremely high housing density all the way to the railway line(?!).Of course, all these new residents will need additional 120 parking spaces because this development will not have enough parking,so they already started parking in our already squezzed streets which are full of cars already.Anyhow,when they started selling 3 years ago these shoebox flats, 1 bed's price was extortionate £169k because of the "rich" Far East buyers.This is despite the Council's promise that these new builts will be for "local people".I could not see any rich Chinese buyers in this area,and surely there were none,hence they reduced the price to £159k.Then, recently the Government started with this new crap of guaranteeing the FTB' s mortgage with 20%,etc. Now the same new build 1beds are to £215k.(?!) Developer obviously raised already extortionate price by those 20%! This whole society is doomed.I only wonder how much will this flat cost in a few years if this crap continues.£500k, £700k, £1 million ? Take your pick.
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