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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/buytolet/article-5363437/Buy-let-mortgage-lets-rent-home-children.html You will get rich by recruiting your own family members into the army of debt slaves.
  2. Maybe they fulfilled the conditions better than natives. Maybe natives did not apply because they did not want to get stigmatised. (Natives mostly look down on Council tenants. Immigrants do not.) Maybe there is the system's policy to dilute the population. (I do believe that that is the case.) Maybe it is the combination of all above 3. Regardless, many people in Greenfell tower were working and studying. (If we can trust the media at least in that detail). Anyhow, huge majority of those "banks, roma, bangladeshi" were surely not spending their money on drugs, alcohol and drunken fights in clubs and pubs. They were not peeing on war memorials as the natives often do. They do not create the nuisance of themselves on stag nights (and on stag flights) as natives do. If someone is nice, pleasant and useful to the society I do not care about their nationality/country of origin. Anyway, how many natives are on benefits ? What skills do those unemployed natives have ? It is often peddled that immigrants dilute salaries and take jobs from unemployed natives. Partly might be true, but then again from my own experience it is only natives who accept to go to teach English in Dubai as qualified teachers for measly £1,500 per month just in order to pretend/boast to their mates that they are in - Dubai enjoying high level international lifestyle. It is UK Parliament who voted a few years ago to reduce the employment rights to the minimum (actually they are non-existent). It was NOT Europe or immigrants who voted for that and "other measures to ensure that the workforce is flexible". It was NOT Europe or immigrants who voted for "Green belt" and for criminal/insane housing density in London ( they build on roundabouts and next to train platforms) and other places. Also, the UK system blacklists people (both natives and immigrants) who make even the slightest complaint against the school (where their child is the pupil) , or their employer, or any other public body. Considering that they created a huge number of blacklisted workforce, the system has to import immigration. That way, they get fresh new debt slaves + they also create friction and division within the society hence no united voice against the system's corruption. Kill 2 flies with one hit. Please do not fog your vision (of the hell we are in) with animosity against immigrants.
  3. System always creates the problem and then offers you the solution. The system knows that different groups will not speak with the same voice. Hence, the system dilutes the native population with immigration thus creating the friction in order to control everyone more easily. Hence Brexit, etc. Then again, the system and its mates got (for peanuts) everything what was good (natural resources, etc.) from those countries. Whatever they could not get, they conspired to destroy and destabilise. As the consequence of all the above, there is friction and animosity between natives and immigrants. (That scenario is happening also in Europe and other countries.) It is super rich against middle classes (if any was left) and poor people. Instead of squabbling, we should unite against super rich who got rich by destroying all of us (from employment rights to wages, etc.) With or without immigration, the vested interests (around the world including the UK) have decided to inflate the house prices (and invent on daily basis other excuses to suck out wealth from the population) in order for population to become obedient debt slaves together with their children and grandchildren regardless of their country of origin. As we all know, the insane house prices are caused by cheap credit available on liar loan applications. House prices been inflated by various governments and banksters who proclaimed that it is in the national interest to inflate house prices. System plays divide and rule all the time in order to control their debt slaves. Please do not fall for it.
  4. "3rd worlders going their to live on benefits" or should it be "3rd worlders going there to live on benefits" ? Where did you get these figures from? Anyhow, the large majority of immigrants surely know the difference between "their" and "there" or otherwise they would not have been able to find their way to the UK from "over there"... somewhere in the 3rd world. About benefits... Let's start with banksters who have been given licence to invent the new money and guaranteed bailouts (Quantitative Easing,Special Liquidity scheme,Funding for lending,..) by the corrupt Governments and parties, Then all corrupt /incompetent Councils, Governments and all other public service officials/managers and their managers/chief executives, Then building firms (Government advertises their new builds, finds them the house buyer, guarantees that the house buyer's liar loan will be repaid, and other numerous illegal schemes to prop up vested interests in the building and banking industry), BTLeters whose liar loans on ridiculously low interest rates (.and ridiculously small down payments were approved and guaranteed by the UK taxpayer (regardless of their immigration status) (Even an idiotic bankster or a politician would not lend their own money under such ridiculous terms, but they would gladly give out our monies) Big companies and rich people not paying UK taxes,.. All the above are benefits and they are HUGE benefits. (Not to mention that all the above corrupt officials have an absolute immunity from prosecution. That is the great benefit.) Surely, the UK's dire economic (and other) problems and the financial crisis did not happen because benefits were paid to the UK unemployed or "3rd worlders" or Europeans. Also, the UK's above problems cannot be blamed on Europe (even though they are also governed by corrupt officials and banksters). Daily mail is the great read. Every day you will find at least 2 instances that confirm the above facts about the UK system. Bearing in mind that the Tories are in power and if the Daily Mail says that we live in the system full of corruption, idiocracy and fraud, then I rest my case. "Positive money" have an excellent website. "3rd worlders" have nothing to do with all the above and neither the Europeans. Please stop blaming immigrants for the terrible mess created by the natives.
  5. The system ALWAYS adds an insult to injury. Here is the email which I just received from Santander: Changes to your 1|2|3 Current Account Dear Mr Debbiebegood, We’d like to remind you about the changes to your 1|2|3 Current Account. From 1 November 2016, the 1|2|3 Current Account will pay 1.50% AER / 1.49% monthly gross (variable) on balances up to £20,000, including on balances below £1,000. No interest is earned on balances above £20,000. From 9 January 2017, the Arranged Overdraft Usage Fee will change to reflect the amount of Arranged Overdraft you use. This means, if you use an Arranged Overdraft of £2,000 or more, you’ll pay more in fees. If you use an Arranged Overdraft of less than £2,000, the fee will remain the same. It's important to consider if the 1|2|3 Current Account is still right for you as the changes could mean that you earn less in interest each month, or pay more for using an overdraft of £2,000 or more. There are no changes to your monthly account fee, the cashback on eligible Direct Debits or access to preferential 1|2|3 World offers. For more information, please refer to the account changes section of our website. Thank you for banking with Santander. Yours sincerely Matt Hall Director of Banking and Unsecured Credit
  6. You are absolutely right. C**p in the palace is still a c**p. Not to mention that life in western world is very far from life in a palace.
  7. Fantastic! There go Dire Straits
  8. I would love to be proven wrong, but this looks like the permanent state of infinite debt.It is all about sucking all the wealth from us and the state and turning all of us into slaves. All this has nothing to do with business sense,reasonable yields,etc.It costs VI's nothing because they invent the money on the computer. When it becomes too boring for them, they will cause a new war.
  9. Debt can go to infinity. They can saddle your grandgrand children long into the future with it.That is how they will maintain slavery long after people forgot about capitalism,comunism,socialism,...They have the means to do it-powerful computers to keep track of debt and willing sheeple. As one economist put it (when asked a few years agi for how long will this crap go on): "As long as the electricity is supplied to the computer".
  10. This time IS different. VI's and government (which they bought cheaply) are pushing the same types of liar loans and propaganda as before 2007,but now computers are much more powerful,so they can more easily (endlesly) maintain the web of debt+ALL the world criminals and crooks launder their money through London. Never before in human history was a such transfer of wealth to the rich.They have the above tools for it, and sheeple celebrate their new debt.I bet that even the rich never anticipated that it will go so smoothly.
  11. According to you, then we lived in militant Marxism until some 15years ago: difference between workers and CEO manager pay is today 300x, whilst it used to be 20x.Richest in society got exponentially much richer today then what they used to be.They actually became pharaophs in terms of their political and financial power. Technology continued advancing, whilst living standards of ordinary people are on downward slide. Marxism and Socialism are overused names for policies and regimes that have nothing to do with it. They are used as boogy man to scare the masses to opt for slavery instead. Likewise, these new regimes (including U.K) have less and less connection with market economy, democracy and capitalism. This is a new form-CRAPItalism that incorporates all the worst aspects of previous systems.
  12. +1UK and the rest of the western world enjoyed better living standards because of threat of Socialism, because western regimes had to soften, hence NHS, social security, etc.
  13. Renumeration for labour is worked out by thieves in power and not by market forces.Wealth is generated by labour, but the fruits of that wealth are not distributed fairly. Average worker generates double of what he/she gets in net salary. In UK, economics is not at work-it is theft and organised crime against ordinary workers which is at work. We had hyperinflation for decades already due to house prices which also sucked pensions, NHS, tuition fees, etc., hence more than £7trn debt. PFI is also one of the ways theft is being done on a daily basis.
  14. So, you would love to have their salary lower instead of your salary higher. Do you expect the tube travel card will cost less if the tube drivers' salary is resuced? Or you are just envious? Is your job partially automated with the computer somewhere in the chain? Therefore I bet that you are also getting a generous salary.£50k in London even for a single person is not that high. Instead of b***ing against one another, - people should unite to bring this slavery down and expose corruption and theft from people that runs into £trillons. But slavery is the longest lasting regime in the world, because it is based on the race to the bottom which slaves/sheeple sustain out of envy for each other.
  15. +1Unfortunately, you are in minority. Majority is envious, so they choose an easier path to have their wage brought into line with tibe driver's wage: instead of demanding that their own wage rises, they want fellow workers' wages to decrease. That stupidity, evil and envy are ingredients needed for race to the bottom that leads to slavery. Well done sheeple!
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