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  1. Sorry but what has the level of customer service from Post Office Counters got to do with getting a mortgage from the post office? Or Royal Mail for that matter!
  2. Sorry meant letting agent advertising house to let!
  3. Have I got this right? An estate agent has advertised Some random house for sale, but it's not for sale and the owners have not even instructed him to sell it? How odd?
  4. Your dates correct? Built and sold this year for £169k and now £200k - £300k?
  5. Yes I found the same. However, maybe people think -oh well theres another week(end) to go yet. Also the dates on foodstuffs are not quite right yet. Most of the stuff I looked at yesterday had best before dates of 23/24 Dec. If this is the same everywhere, then a shopping trip later in the week is in order. It also seems that the sales have already started but not everywhere - but hopefully should be in full swing in a couple of days!
  6. Hi - you really need to find out from the seller or agent which spaces are yours. However, it would seem to be a bit unfair if the nearest spaces were allocated to that house, because going by this logic then the spaces right at the back would belong to the house on the extreme right , meaning those occupants would be very inconvenienced by the distance they would have to walk to their car. It would appear to be fairer if the spaces adjoining your house were allocated to the far right house. However the builders may have had other ideas. Where I live (a complex of four apartment blocks) t
  7. Hi - another long-time lurker here., whos just decided to register. Sold house 18 mths ago - moved into rental as couldnt find anywhere to buy at the time but didnt want to lose house sale. Thinking about remaining in rental for forseeable future. Finding the advice on this site invaluable.
  8. Are you sure the previous owner just 'left it'? Ive heard cats are more attached to their homes than their owners. Is it possible that the previous occupants have moved somewhere nearby and the cat just found its way back?
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