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  1. Yep, I've made this mistake. Storing things for well over a year, dropping £125 a month on storage....keep your clothes and some kitchenware, just let the rest go!
  2. hmmm, I've just spoken to the deposit scheme, and they've told me that the landlord can ask for more money if the case goes to dispute, so it's not as straightforward as it seems!
  3. hi all we moved out of a rental a few weeks ago and the landlord outlined how he would charge us for some damage to a floor and some gardening ( yes, the usual stuff! ) we planned to contest this, so asked for the balance of the deposit to be returned before negotiating the costs down. We were told by the agent that the landlord would need to agree to return the balance, which he hasn't done. predictably, we receive a ranting email from the landlord stating that the costs for the damages are extremely fair and if we think otherwise, he will increase them and send us a 'revised' breakdown of costs, including everything he has kindly omitted so far...this is exactly the reason we wanted to get the balance back first! this seems to circumvent the TDS rules no? thanks in advance
  4. interesting post fairyland, mind if i ask whereabouts in berkshire?
  5. quite a few of the houses we've viewed recently are BTLers selling up. They all needed new kitchens, bathrooms, decorating etc, would have to spend 1000's on them. Got the feeling that having enjoyed some capital growth (even recently, asking price rises are crazy in the area), the landlords are cashing in their chips, quite possibly being unable to afford maintenance/improvements. Still asking top dollar of course we also viewed an HMO owned by a multi-national hotel chain that they use to house their staff. To say that it was squalid is an understatement. It looked like a crack den. Feel sorry for their staff, bit disturbing really
  6. i've made two offers recently, the first 20% under asking, the second 25% less than asking and got two very different reactions from the EAs the first said that the owner would be insulted by the offer, was a bit narky with me on the phone and didn't call back. I said I did not intend to insult anyone, why would they be insulted? 'because the vendor paid a lot more for the house and had spent bags of money on it' was the reply. I said this wasn't my concern and that i loved the house but felt it was overpriced. It has been on the market for 7 months. the second EA was much more measured and relaxed, tried to get a higher offer from me. I said I'll think about it
  7. Viewed a bungalow with what looked like a builder's yard next door. turned out to be 'members of the travelling community' who had purchased the strip of land, parked up a couple of caravans and built a bungalow on it (sans planning permission) The estate agent stated that it wouldn't bother many local buyers. I said it wouldn't bother me personally as i like living in ethnically diverse communities and find it culturally enriching, but i wouldn't be able to convince my other half
  8. didn't you have an inventory check-in and check-out? any claimed deductions should be based on this document. get a figure for the dilapidations from the landlord first, then counter offer it. the deposit scheme that holds your deposit will only get involved after you have demonstrated that you have attempted to negotiate an agreement with the landlord first. you're well protected by a deposit scheme. if the landlord is claiming, say, a third of your deposit, the managing agent should release the 2 thirds that are not in dispute immediately, they can't hold back the balance.
  9. an update at last! last week we finally got the balance of our deposit returned to us. they made us wait weeks and weeks for it, but we got back £2300 on a £2400 deposit, the amount we originally offered as compensation anyway, although now i feel that even the £100 we offered was a bit generous on our part. it didn't even get as far as arbitration ( deposit was held by TDS ), the agent/landlady dropped the compensation figure being claimed again and again in what seemed some sort of bluffing game on their part to get as much out of us as they could, eventually the landlady stopped responding to the agent so they just returned our money. bit bizarre, but frustrating all the same. another odd thing, once we had handed our notice in, the estate agent said that another property management company would handle everything. yet when we called this other property management company they were actually the same estate agent??? can i give the names of these companies on this site? one thing we didn't realise when taking on the place was that it was an 'unmanaged let'.. worth checking what this entails when renting somewhere thanks again for all the useful information on this website
  10. Apologies in advance. i'm sure that this story is a repeat... We've recently left a rented house and had the inventory checkout sent back to us by the clerk and everything was fine and as expected, a few 'fixes' required but nothing we've admitted to. The landlord wasn't present at the checkout ( we were, although didn't hang around for the duration ). The landlord has 'checked' his property since the inventory checkout and made a sizeable list of extra 'damage' to the property, some of which is already mentioned on the inventory check-in anyway, and the rest of which isn't mentioned on the checkout either. My first question is: why bother with the inventory clerk services at all if the landlord can add damages afterwards anyway My second question is: if / when we go through the dispute resolution process, is the inventory clerk's report taken into account or does the landlord's list form the basis for his claim? my initial reaction was to say that the landlord's claims (and photographic 'evidence') are of no consequence, here's the inventory report, i'm only interested in discussing the points raised within that, but now i'm not so sure... thanks
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