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  1. If your council finances don't add up - just borrow money - invest in property - wait for the rent to roll in - problem solved. http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/one-most-reckless-things-ive-225924
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    By Order Of The Offical Receiver

    Spot On. Photo 2 on Rightmove shows an LCD screen with "Welcome to Lapis" Here is the developer's web page for the properties (stating 3 available off plan) (note all the pictures have Lapis related captions) Website is copyright Barrington Homes. Slightly odd that a website trying to flog multi million pound developments has no contact phone number, just an email us and we'll get back to you option. Barrington Homes (Poole) Limited and Barrington Homes (Property) Limited are both shown in receivership on Companies House. The developers behind these properties have also been in the local news for killing trees in an attempt to secure planning permission. Found guilty awaiting sentencing due this month. News article here The pair bought the land for £4.5 million through their firm Barrington Homes and had planning permission to build two houses at the property in Banks Road, the largest undeveloped site on Sandbanks in Poole. However, their company was in financial difficulties, and they submitted a further pre-application enquiry to build three homes in June 2010. They were told it was likely to be refused and within three weeks, between 14 and 18 inches of bark had been cut from three Corsican pines and two Scots Pines. Another article here from that article..,. Collier also suggested aggrieved creditors owed money by his company could have carried out the attack. The same RM estate agent is listing This property Bought in 2008 for £1.2m, now up for sale again for £1.2m with the benfit of planning permission granted to Barrington Homes to demolish said property and build a modern mansion. RM entry doesn't give any details of the existing house unless you look at the full PDF.

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