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  1. Let's face it, the country is in a mess. Joe Public is facing a leaderless government in turmoil, Muhammad Abdul Bari, the new 'leader' of the Muslim Council of Britain warns that we now have 2m homegrown terrorists as the enemy within, we have absurd liberal political correctness gone mad, we have a home office which has let immigration get totally out of control, we have the highest debt frenzy ever.........what the hell is going on? History has shown us that confidence is a crucial factor in supporting house prices. Does this mean that current events and the lack of confidence that Joe Public has in Britain is going to be a major factor in the months to come in driving down house prices?
  2. Our friend Gordy is in my opinion a dangerous man. He scares the daylights out of me when he laughs, he has the charisma of a block of cardboard and sort of reminds me of those 60's Soviet politicians. He is a sciver and always keeps his head down when there is trouble about - anyone who secretly rapes our pension funds when no one is looking, sells off the country's gold at a discount and imposes death taxes and then takes off the summer on maternity leave, when the country and his party is in turmoil - simply cannot be trusted...........what a plonker..........yet labour voters love him.
  3. There is no doubt that Gordy has a powerful pair of bicycle clips in place over his lower orifices hoping that the enema of US *** is not going to pop his cork. He is an old soviet style politician - how could anyone aspiring to become pm afford to take maternity leave over the whole summer whilst the country faces crisis after crisis? Sadly, according to the opinion polls still 35% of the electorate in this country still thinks he and his buddy Prescot are the leaders they want........says everything really
  4. It is actually quite incomprehensible that anyone can actually write this sort of drivel.........naive in the extreme.........get a grip buddy!
  5. Not sure about Crimewatch stats but on Scotland Yard's most wanted list 67% of the most wanted criminals are ethnic minorities..........speaks volumes http://www.met.police.uk/wanted/
  6. NuLabs policy of multiculturalism is as near apartheid as they can get. It has succeeded in building pockets of discontent where ethnic minority cultures do not respect our democratic values and believe that they are fully justified in changing our society by violent means as they do in their countries they left behind. It is about time the UK gets a grip on deciding who, if any are allowed into this country and promoting integration into British society rather than the favoured segregationalist policies of this government. We do not want the so called 'cultural benefits' of arranged marriages, suicide terrorists, drug culture, car hijackings, voodoo ritual killings, genitalia circumcision and violent crime that many ethnic minority cultures seem to bring to this country. At least many of the Poles bring hardwork, skills and many similar cultural and religious values and have a history of willingness to integrate into British society. What a bloody mess we are now in.
  7. Quite agree. However do not underestimate our friend Gordy who must be feverishly pulling the levers of influence in the background to perpetuate the party. The current situation is very similar to this time last year - we could all hear the creaks and groans as the avalanche was about to drop - when Presto! Gordy dropped interest rates which kept the carousel spinning. I hope that this time his hands are more firmly pinned back, but he is an ambitious old school soviet style politician and will stop at nothing to get to no 10 - and 36% of the voters in this country agree with him.
  8. Absolutely agree. Neither can NuLab defend their policy of multiculturalism all it succeeds in doing is building groups of discontented people hell bent on destroying our culture. Unfortunately 36% of the voters in this country just do not get it.
  9. Scoobydoo, it is clear that Cuckoo is a leftie troll just trying to bait you - I would'nt rise to his political correct rantings from cloud cuckoo land. There is always one in every thread.....
  10. BBC News is an absolute disgrace. It is abundantly clear that management - for whatever reason - has a seriously left wing bias and their selective reporting reflects this. Their politically correct stance in every aspect from politics through to economics is neauseating in the extreme. AND we have to pay to listen to their rubbish!
  11. This sort of comment fits well with NuLab ideology...........
  12. Best get into the market quick then before it is too late...........
  13. This reads as though it was written in cloud cuckoo land ..........dream on
  14. Reading John Bull's posts, I suspect that he is actually an alias of SHEIKH Hassan Nasrallah in disguise..........you wont get a response from him it is Friday pm...............
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