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  1. "... I had to make a certain amount of money to fit in" " ... driven by aspirations they can't afford" Blimey, do people really think like this!? How spineless! Talk about first world problems! People really worth knowing and true friends are usually those at the bottom of the economic scale anyway.
  2. Mr Bean? Hilarious - you do crack me up you lot but ... on the other hand ... maybe not so daft as you might think. It is true that women do like a man who can make them laugh. Have you seen Eckhart Tolle - weirdest looking bloke ever but women are crazy about him. (But he is rich)
  3. Pre-nup? I don't know. Maybe I'll just give it all to the kids and go off with him to live in a tent. Alternatively I could insist on us becoming a hindus and make him contractually obliged to leap onto my funeral pyre if I die first? You see .. you just have to think outside the box!
  4. Despite my username I am actually a woman. I am well off but have just fallen in love with a man without a bean to his name. I've had plenty of offers but I was looking for someone with the right personality and interests - a kind caring, child friendly sort of bloke. The property issue is a problem but I take the view that compatibility and character are more important. Don't give up hope, keep your standards high and make the most of what you do have.
  5. However ... bingo! ... Eureka!... (and all that). If you do want to soundproof something, I think this is your solution: http://www.qtsoundcontrol.com/greenstory.php
  6. Damn those Christians, however, better than an Imam in training wailing his way through the Friday call to prayers. (I've lived next door to that)
  7. I once saw this stuff on a 'help my house is falling down' type program which is made out of recycled tyres. It is very expensive but far more effective than rockwool. They used it to sound proof a kids band practice room built on the ground floor and central to the building. Even when the kids were banging and crashing their way through a few numbers the insulation was perfect Only trouble is they didn't tell you where to source the stuff and no builder I know has ever heard of it. I've tried looking for it online a number of times without joy. This doesn't solve the impact sound proble
  8. Is that a burglar alarm on the front!!!??? Pity there aren't pictures of the inside or 'garden'.
  9. I've never heard of a concrete house but for me it would raise major concerns - is there a damp course? how thick are the walls? is there a cavity? Does the concrete have cancer? etc. I would be very, very wary and make sure that you get a reasonably expensive and trustworthy surveyor to check it out first.
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