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  1. EU draft directive on Credit Agreements for buy to let mortgages click here
  2. I think you all know that buying a property can be cheaper than renting a property given the correct circumstances and vice versa. The reason you decide to start abusing people who have this view is because you have VI in house prices falling and would like to discourage anyone from buying.
  3. That's true Bloo, but I may have lived there and been very happy for 30 years as opposed to paying into something I may never see.
  4. Oh goody...so at 65 I will still not be retired....at 70 I might be providing the govermnet does not move the goal posts.....and if they dont...I might get a few years worth of a pension that have paid into all my life. Thanks for that I feel much betetr now.
  5. I don't care about your golden teapot , it's clearly unfounded and silly like your last coment. You have shown your true colours with the abuse and accusations. it appear that you are indeed the troll with a VI. You know as a fact that buying can be cheaper depending on the cinrcumstances and you choose to blank that. Don't get angry with other users on the internet because your landlord upped the rent. if you choose to pay for his lifestyle and BTL portfolio that's your fault.
  6. skewd to suit the agenda again. Surley a 15% deposit should be factored in or would that not look so good. Who on earth is paying a £100k for studio flat? regardless...it's an example of how renting can be cheaper...there are also examples of where buying can be cheaper. Like I stated the thread aluded to buying being more exspensive which it not always the case.
  7. No thankyou. It's a good idea not a lot more to be said. You can pick the bones out of it all you want. I think most people would like to take control of the finacecs now and not later which = leaving it to chance.
  8. really? I think you will find that I don't need to answer to you or anyone. I said it's fact you prove it's not or go and bug someone else.
  9. Exactly. well said. The way some on here detest buyers and people with asperations to buy is beyond me. Not only is your money safe you get the pleasure of living somwhere of your choice and god forbid you might even be happy
  10. Are you saying it's not fact? are you saying it's not cheaper to buy at the lower end of the market than it is to rent?
  11. What a silly coment. You do not know me or where I live and therefore your stats suck. I do not care about stats and even if you were right why have my last 10 years with a couple of quid when real time events could mean I end up with almost nothing? No I would rather have access to those funds now and have 30 years of making my own decisions thanks...not a poxy 10 years of what ever you would call it....existence? PS: I pay my home insurance thankyou very much.
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