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  1. Thanks - got to admit when it was first suggested I dismissed it, then I thought about it a bit more and how much I wanted the house. It was a pleasant surprise when the CEO replied within 8 hours ! Actually no - Saffron are in Essex, we are in East Midlands. I initially wondered about that too but it didn't seem to be a problem.. Thank you ..
  2. Update - the top cat at Saffron was as good as his word. He discussed my mortgage with the underwriters and they have come back with an offer of 70% LTV. The human touch does work - great customer service ! Thanks for the advice guys, JJ
  3. He did listen !! I wrote an email to the CEO last night and lo and behold I got an answer at 6am this morning ! He is talking to the underwriters to see what can be done - no promises obviously but you never know. Thanks for the advice guys - it seemed like a longshot as I never expected to be able to talk to the top man at a bank ! I'll let you know how it goes....
  4. You know what - I'm going to do this. He might just listen ! Thanks for the advice Garf :-)
  5. Writing to the CEO ? Is this seriously worth a try - not heard of this approach before ? I am thinking of ditching the broker and approaching several of the smaller building societies personally. Is it a problem to do this - ie. going through several credit checks for an agreement in principle in a short space of time ? I've got no problems being checked for my ability to repay as I've got decent earnings and an unblemished history - its the property that is causing the problems !
  6. Thanks the mortgage offer we have just received was from Saffron but they wanted 35% deposit. We can only stretch to 25% :-( Will have a look at some of the smaller ones however. Cheers...
  7. Hi - we are looking at putting in 25% deposit max.
  8. Hello I am going through a very frustrating time trying to secure a mortgage on a property we have agreed a sale on. The property is a normal residential house upstairs however at ground floor level it used to be a workshop and was zoned commercial. Our plan is to convert the downstairs so it becomes one large 2 storey house. A broker advised that they had found a bank who had said they could lend the money providing we got planning permission for change of use to change the ground floor status from commercial to residential. (Halifax) We went through this very detailed and time consuming
  9. There is never a truer saying than the Grass is always greener ! I first left the Uk to travel long term in 77. Six months of that gave me the travel bug. Couple of years later I went to NZ and Australia and ended up staying for nearly all of the 80s. Got citizenship in Oz, married, responsible job blah blah.....however life was pretty much the same as here except the sun shone more. You still had to work, pay the mortgage etc, there was plenty of crime and government scandal..... But the sun shone. The biggest difference was friends and family not being part of daily life. I did make s
  10. The cheeky offers is something I was thinking of. As you say - might get a bite ! Presume you've had a place in France for 10yrs + ? Are you living there full time or 50/50 with UK ? What has changed with your requirements - I mean have they been changed because of French red tape / taxes etc or just a need to upsize/downsize ? I'm looking primarily at the Charente region - main considerations for that were borne out of familiarity: a. good weather b. easily commutable from UK from regional airports in midlands with short flying times so possible for a long weekend initially c. really
  11. Hi Alba - good points well made. As much as I would like to get something now I will be keeping "my powder dry" till I'm more confident of where things are headed. My only concern really is getting the best possible price and I will judge that based on market pressures and exchange rates/economics etc. Once made I am certain it will be for the long term and not something to trade on after a couple of years. It is primarily something to enjoy life in and not something to make money out of. Once I have bought it for the best price possible I will focus on enjoying it and not wether it has g
  12. Thanks RedWine - useful links. I notice in your post on French Property that there is a downturn in prices due to the new CGT rules coming in. You specifically mentioned the Charente which is the area I'm specifically interested in. I have been tracking several properties there for about 6 months now and have not noticed any fall in the advertised asking prices recently but imagine from what you say that owners are starting to consider offers greatly below the asking as they become anxious to sell. As you say could be a good time to get a good price ! For me the purchase is not about a fi
  13. Thanks Alba - very sound advice. In my case this is not a rush purchase but a decision made over a long period of experiencing France. The purchase when it happens will be cash from savings and any improvements that will be required will also be cash fed in over a couple of years - in other words it will be 100% equity and no borrowings. It will be initially a project and to provide family/friends holidays and then later a bolt hole for retirement purposes. My family have owned over there now for near 20 years also. You're right about the exchange rates - I just cannot make out what is ha
  14. Hello experts Ive just joined HPC and this is my first post on forum. I've been researching buying a property in France but am trying to make sense of the current turmoil with the Greek situation to work out where Euro/GBP exchange rate is headed. For example - currently €100k is worth roughly £86k - €1 = 0.86. If the current scenario of financial chaos in Greece and possibly Italy threatening the Euro continues could you see the rate heading to 0.7 or lower ? I know you haven't got crystal balls (or you would be v rich) but just interested in opinions. Thanks JJ
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