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  1. I didn't think the council could do this, in fact quite the contrary. I thought when a decision had been made to sell they then had to sell within a certain specified time period (six months??)
  2. Yes, but what about some protection for a prospective buyer who spends money on a survey, solicitor etc and is then gazumped at the last moment? I have an interest in this as we were gazumped this week and while fortunately we didn't lose any money we could very easily have done so.
  3. Sorry, I meant to add good luck Frenchy, but as a newbie I can't find the edit button...
  4. had you incurred expenses (survey, mortgage fee, searches) when you where gazumped? Fortunately not, thanks Frenchy. I'd cancelled the survey that morning. It sounds like it's more surprises with the deed as much as the survey. I honestly don't think there is a rule of thumb (but someone far more experienced may correct me).
  5. I think you're on stronger ground when it relates to something without which the mortgage may not be given ( or a part retained) eg damp proofing, subsidence etc! However, I think it also depends on the relationship you've developed with the vendor- at which I sadly failed having been gazumped this morning- and both yours and the vendors desperation!
  6. Unfortunately you really need to keep an eye on them and review savings accounts annually, especially when there's been a rate with a 1 year bonus. I've used Egg and ended up with it all over my face... It may be 3% then a half when the bonus has expired.
  7. Thanks Rozza. I phoned up this morning and put the survey on hold and then the EA phoned to say the vendor had been upset that I'd phoned him last night and so was dipping out. So pleased I phoned as he squirmed his way through my basic questions re sorting out a sale he had no intention of going through with and it was pretty clear to both of us that he'd back out sooner or later!! Just wish we hadn't taken the kids who were gutted. Sadly no grandparents around or we'd have left them... The EA then said so she'd have to find me something else to which I said no way I wouldn't want to ever de
  8. A quick update. The EA said if we offered the asking price even if the other party offered more he wouldn't consider it as he'd much prefer to sell to us so, foolishly, we did. The other side then made a much, much higher offer (got this from the vendor himself) and you could see he was wavering. He kept saying you should be speaking to the EA and 'it's complex' which rather means he's going to string us along and jump ship, doesn't it? Thinking of asking for confirmation in writing that he'll pay our legalsand survey if he sells to a higher bidder as almost positive he wouldn't agree to this.
  9. Thanks Mason. We actually went round this afternoon but he was out. We left a letter that we'd taken with us clearly setting out our case and hte advantages of going with us. Will just have to wait and ]see. At least we feel we haven't left it completely to the EA which has got to be a good thing!
  10. OK, I have a new idea which is to attempt to contact the vendor directly if I can find his number.
  11. Thanks, I would but they're actually no longer taking viewings sadly! I'm finding it difficult as the EA told us when our offer was accepted that there was someone else so keen they were going to put their own house on the market to buy it. I didn't think anything of it as he'd accepted our offer and who would sell their house in 24 hours. This is the person she's now raising! I didn't understand why she didn't just ask for a hihger offer, but of course you're right it's the subtle 'I'm your friend' approach!
  12. On Wednesday I had an offer accepted on a house, finances ready, survey about to take place. EA phoned last night to say someone's offered a much higher but she'll advise vendor to stick with us as the other party has just had an offer from a cash buyer for their house, but we're chain free and ready to go. The asking price was offers around £200,000 and he accepted £195,000. He'd wanted more and we said £197 if he moved by Christmas, but he went for £195 moving in January when he wanted to. I'm well tapped into the area and the house is underpriced as the man is very keen to buy a property t
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