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  1. Hi Guys, didn't expect any sympathy here having read the forum responses before, but some useful responses (like the last one) would be great ?
  2. Hi All, Am in the process of buying a small 2 bed flat in suburban Lambeth for buy to let, the survey was done in early July 2014 (when the prices still seemed to be going up), but in the last 3 months prices have been dropping and am concerned I have overpaid. I think I have overpaid by possibly 10K, I am buying it for just under 200K. What do others regarding me trying to get a lower price ? Is it worth it for 10K ? Is there any way of negotiating it ? or is a matter of saying I'm going to walk away to the seller if he doesn't accept my offer ? and potentially losing the sale if he disag
  3. Thinking of buying an ex-LA flat on top floor of a 6 floor block for a BTL investment. There is some wet rot (sorry not at all an expert on this but that's what it looks like to me) on the ceiling. The estate agent says the council will fix the roof in 2 weeks and there will be no cost to me for this. This is separate from and doesn't affect the service charge according to the estate agent. I have spoken to the council and they say that unless I buy the property I won't be able to get more information. How do I find out the truth of this situation ? or do I take the estate agent's word for thi
  4. thanks for the responses - will ensure it goes under offer on the website
  5. i have had an offer accepted on a flat - conveyancing is going on and i am getting a survey done shortly, however the estate agent will not put the property under offer on the website though they say they aren't accepting other offers just taking names in case it doesn't go through ? what do the wise and experienced of houseprice crash think ?
  6. Thanks for your responses. From looking at the price of several similar flats the charge seems to be much higher - and I guess it will only go up year on year. It all seems abit dodgy to me.
  7. sorry forgot to say - ground rent, gas/water/electricity, buildings insurance not included
  8. I am thinking of buying a garden flat in a popular part of south west london london - the service charge is £1270 per annum ? I've seen another nearby flat with a service charge of £300, but am aware these can vary significantly? The flat is in a victorian period conversion - so honestly not sure what service needs to be done, but wondering what people think of this cost ?
  9. I can thinking of buying a garden flat in a 3 storey house - the upper 2 floors are another flat. I have noted on the council website that the flat above has applied for making a roof terrace. Am I being stupid but will I being paying for this at all - as a lump sum or increased service charge in the near future ? - if the property is leasehold. Not many properties are coming on the market in this area and on the face of it this flat fits my requirements. My experiences of estate agents so far, like it seems everyone on this website, has been bad - I trust almost nothing they say unless it's a
  10. Hi, I'm looking to buy a flat (in a period house conversion that is divided into 3 flats) which has share of freehold - actually put in a verbal offer and awaiting the seller's answer. The estate agent has told me (after questioning from me) that the lease is 79-80 years. I am a cashbuyer but may well want to move in the near future. Am I right in guessing this is a stupid lease to get involved in ? It should be more than about 95yrs + as most buyers (who will need a mortgage) will not want something with such a short lease ? Despite me scouring the internet for information I still don't get
  11. Thanks for the replies. I am in the lucky position of being a cash buyer so mortgage isn't a problem. Given how long the solicitors said a lease extension could take (anywhere between 6 weeks and 2 years) I don't think I'll proceed with this one.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I am in the lucky position of being a cash buyer so mortgage isn't a problem. Given how long the solicitors said a lease extension could take (anywhere between 6 weeks and 2 years) I don't think I'll proceed with this one.
  13. i am thinking of putting an offer on a 1 bed flat with a 70 year lease. The vendor is offering to extend the lease at a slight increase in the price, alternatively I buy at the lower price and then they are saying another person in the block of 3 flats wants to buy share of freehold. The general conscensus from ringing solicitors is this a difficult and long process buying such a flat and trying to extend the lease of buy a share of freehold. What to you all think ??
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