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  1. Not to bang on about it, but instead of writing another email here, write you're next email to you're MP, and CC it to the local papers and you're director of planning. It will achieve more. It only takes a min.
  2. You cant be looking very hard then. I have friends in Edinburgh currently trying to sell a house and their is absolutely no interest. Of the three houses for sale on my street, two have been under offer for at least 4 months, and the third is still for sale, as it has been for over 6 months. No comparison with the beggining of last year when for sale signs did not last a week. I cant see how all the recent redundancy news is going to improve the situation. Housing is unafordable at the moment, and unless there is a crash, will remain so for at least a decade. Edit: Also I forgot that the tw
  3. These cities have the compound problem of rising unemployement. A rediculous proportion of the population, 10-20% is forecast to move south to the central belt in the next few years. Why inflation of house prices happend at all is beyond me. Gross stupidity.
  4. From http://www.royalhouseofstewart.org.uk/news51.htm So far, 1300 people employed in the Scottish computer related business have been made redundant within the past 3 weeks… Round where I live, a couple of major, non computer, employers have shut down recently. The job exodus to china, india and the eastern block. It's the lowest paid area of the country, but hpi continues unabated. Sustainable. I think not. Doooomed, We are all doooomed captain Manwearing.
  5. True, a lot of the blokes I fly with are a bit older than me and have children leaving home arround now. For the last few years they have looked like dogs with two dicks because they are so rich through hpi and they get a funny glazed expression when they talk about house prices. When you point out that their childern will be denied the life they have had, they have a moment of guilt, then get the funny glassy expression again. A bit like my dog when she has a really really thick turn. Same look when you point out they cant spend the money and their children will have retired by the time they
  6. If that's what they are advocating, then they are singularly failing to get their message across. All I can hear is the braying of reactionary idiots. I don't disagree that something needs to be done, that we need to work harder, that there needs to be more efficiency and better accountability, but Cameron is just not getting his message across. How difficult can it be for gods sake. I think, in principal, I don't disagree with much of what you say, but the conservative party is simply failing to sound like they have a solid, positive agenda for change. Surely self reliance and self contro
  7. Yes, but look at the newspaper reports for how era ended. It was no better. Britain's decline as an industrial power has continued apace for the last half century. Blair, for all his faults has presided over an era of unparallel stability. There will probably be a period of retrenchment though. It is just part of the natural order. I cant afford a big house either. I don't particularly consider it his fault. Everybody decides they want a big house at the same time, the price goes up, I cant have one. Poor me. I cant really see myself ever supporting the conservative party though. Not until
  8. Slightly out of date. From what I have seen many of the contract jobs in Banking / IT have gone or are going. Technology companies, not volume manufactureres, are doing pretty good at the moment I think. Touch wood. How much faith have people got in London remaining a finacial center? I notice that a lot of other countries are trying to get into the act as well. Places like Dubia and so on.
  9. Well I am a higher rate tax payer and would gladly pay more to raise a few out of poverty. Yes, the lower payed should pay less, but the higher payed, like myself, should pay more. Exactly. But I did not vote for Blair. As far as I am concerned he is just as crazy as you're average right w(h)inger. Personally, I find the more liberal members of the conservative party more appealing than the current shower. With the exception of Blunket and a few others.
  10. Yes, pretty good. Here in the Borders, the local hospital is first rate, the street's are clean and most of the schools and roads are not to bad. Far better than the grinding poverty in some of the rural area's of the US I have been in. Stop bitching. I, for one am sicking of the same tierd Torry whinge fest. Nany state. WTF is that. You are like a stuck record.
  11. All low taxes do is create a two tier society, which is pleasant for no one. Least of all the rich, penned into gated compounds. I would pay more tax quite happily. I think less of a pay differential in this country would be a good thing. I am not suggesting that we all become Scandinavians, but the ethos of conspicuous wealth being frowned upon is no bad thing.
  12. Contentment is everything. If you can learn to be content then you have it cracked I think. Jealousy, avarice and resentment are to be avoided if it all possible. Except for entertainment value of course.
  13. Inflation is under control though. I cant see a cut in interest rates having that much of an effect on inflation at the moment. Is a bit of inflation not a good thing? After all the target is 2% not 0%. The only danger I see is that it fuels the asset / debt bubble which ressults in a more painfull correction later on. Should the bank really be involved in controling this though?
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