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  1. Because people are not free. They have to work to make money. And changing jobs doesnt change anything because you will face the same problems where ever you go. There is no running away and nowhere to hide. In a Capitalist system if you have been born into the working class you have to work to live. You dont have a choice, you cant leave and go somewhere else or do something else.
  2. What if its workers self interest to act collectively within a union?
  3. During economic boom times employers promote a partnership approach to workers and their unions because it suits them but as soon as the bad economic times hit employers resort to a more confrontational approach. Then put the blame on militant left wing union trouble makers.
  4. If all employees can be made aware of the insecurity of their positions by occupational changes around them and if, in consequence, they seek to redress this by acting in collusion with each other then every employee is a potential trade unionist. This is not conjecture but an analytical truth.
  5. Sorry duplicate post. Someone beat me to it. Boy you gotta be quick on here!
  6. Anger after 900 computer jobs axed * Press Association, Monday July 5 2010 Union leaders have condemned news of almost 1,000 job losses at a leading computer firm, warning it undermines the Government's view that private firms will lead the UK out of recession. Unite warned the 934 job losses at US giant Hewlett Packard (HP) could be followed by a further 1,000 cuts next year. The union said the announcement showed that the jobs designed to replace those lost in manufacturing were now being lost or off-shored. National officer Peter Skyte said: "This is a further cull by HP of its skilled and experienced UK workforce, and follows nearly 4,000 jobs being cut over the past two years since the takeover of EDS by HP. "This will create further insecurity and uncertainty in HP with the threat of yet more redundancies to come, and undermines the coalition Government view that the private sector will fuel job growth out of the economic recession." Unite warned the company that by cutting workplace levels "to the bone", remaining workers would be in danger of developing stress-related illnesses. Mr Skyte added: "There are also serious implications for those who remain in their jobs and carry on service to customers and clients. "Skeleton levels of staff will lead to stressed-out workers who struggle to complete an ever increasing workload. "The fact that the company still retains nearly 2,000 temporary staff and contractors merely adds insult to injury." Unite said sites expected to be hit by the job losses included Bracknell, Bristol, Hook, Erskine, Milton Keynes, London and Warrington. Copyright © Press Association Ltd. 2010, All Rights Reserved. Anger after 900 computer jobs axed
  7. I think the law of unintended consequences may come into play here. If the government raise the bar for unions to be able to go on strike, more members will bother to vote to enable them to be able to strike and the outcomes of the votes will look more convincing. Over 40 per cent of the total workforce backing strike action, and over 50% of those voting. And more people turning out to strike on the day.
  8. The reality is that we seem to in a game where the ruling financial and political elites keeps changing the rules as they go along. At some point people are going to say ****** this for a game of soldiers, I aint playing.
  9. Yes I am not knocking it but a lot of managers seem to think they have some innate authority, they think they own the place when they are just employees like everyone else. One minute you are the big cheese, next minute you can be down the road on your ****. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.
  10. Whats even stranger is when managers are made redundant. When theres a restructuring and managers are looking at the new structure for to see where they they fit in, and they dont. It takes them ages to cotton on they are being got rid of. "I dont understand it, there must be some mistake I cant see what job I am supposed to slide across into". And even upto their last day at work they still adopt a superior attitude, giving out orders and you think, you aint the manager any more. Tomorrow you will unemployed and in your fifties its unlikely you get a management job again, more likely giving directions to the paint dept in Do it All.
  11. I was made redundant in the 1990's. Not nice. You need a mental toughness to get through unemployment and eventually get another job. Not everyone has that. You need to be able to maintain a healthy mindset even though your world is falling apart around you, its not easy.
  12. Much of public funds is transferred into private profit - telecommunications, computers, WWW, defence, security, education, health etc
  13. Yes you had access to commons land to live on which the enclosures act put a stop to.
  14. What the Tories dont seem to get is that for neo liberal policies to work you need a strong state. You need lots of police, lots of courts and lots of prisons. In 1799 an act was passed to make it illegal for workers to form unions, the combination act the only reason it was finally repealed was because they didnt have enough police to round up the workers and courts to process them and prisons to keep them in. The state couldnt afford it so it was unworkable. Bit like the poll tax. When people refused to pay it and rioted the state couldnt cope with the shear numbers of people unwilling to pay so they gave in.
  15. We are sliding back to Victorian times. How many people will be giving to charity in a bad recession? Not many I would imagine. Working people will by struggling to buy food for themselves.
  16. I think the Tories are using the shock doctrine
  17. I think its more a case of "how much can we get away with?" They announced cuts of 25% and there wasnt much of a reaction in the way of resistance. The the IFS predicted cuts of 33% and still not much of a reaction. 40% Its worrying that in other countries we have national strikes and riots and in this country apathy and ignorance.
  18. The Socialists/unions/lefties do get it only to well. They understand that the Capitalist system is exploitative and oppressive for working class people. That boom and bust is inherent in the system. Its a rigged game. A stacked deck. There is no use trying to explain to a leftie why what they are saying doesnt fit in with how the capitalist system works like the origainal post does because they dont believe in the system full stop.
  19. It would be cheaper yes. Depends on the governments priorities. Is it better to have 1.3m working, training learning skills gaining experience hopefully doing something useful, buying goods and services etc or sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle and getting involved in crime.
  20. But if the private sector cannot create enough jobs for everyone and we are told everyone who is able to work must work then what can a government do? A tory government will say cut the public sector jobs and cut welfare and just ignore the 4m unemployed as if they arent there.
  21. I think New Labour was pro business and didnt tax business and the rich enough during the boom, thats why we had a deficit before the bank crises hit.
  22. They exist for the people doing the jobs. It pays the bills.
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