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  1. I dont understand why the Tory right wing are pro globalisation and neo liberalism and at the same time are eurosceptic and given a 2nd vote would vote UKIP?
  2. Its funny but I havent looked at prices of houses in my area for 12-16 months. I am glad to hear they are falling but I have just lost all interest. I cant be bothered to even look. I will wait another 1-2 years and perhaps buy one if they are dirt cheap.
  3. There is no motivation to buy a house if prices are not going to rise over the short to medium term. If house prices are expected to fall and interest rates are expected to rise and people dont feel secure in their jobs I can see people losing interest in housing. This happened in the 1990's. I remember houses being dirt cheap and nobody cared.
  4. Its a bit sick the greedy bankers having a go at the sick and mentally ill. But I am not suprised. Maybe it was the mentally ill that caused the banking crises and the recession? Yes I think it must have been.
  5. Yes I like to put money into the bank, I also like to get it back again when I need it. I may need the use of a hospital one day.
  6. No the council pension scheme is the LGPS which is a funded pension scheme. The money is in the fund it is not paid out of council tax.
  7. Yes these are the services we pay tax for. I dont pay tax to bail out banks with. I pay tax for schools, hospitals, leisure centres, social services and libraries.
  8. They should have been in a union before they become unemployed and the union would have provided legal support and represention in an Employment Tribunal. There are also Unemployed Workers Unions TUC Unemployed Workers Centres
  9. So a pension after a lifetime of work is now an impossible promise.
  10. But now its not fair and public sector pensions must be cut. Then we have to cut private sector pensions again. Then cut public sector pensions again. Where will it all end. I know, nobody gets a pension, thats fair.
  11. Oh dear. Well thats what you get for calling for public sector pensions to be cut, you can hardly complain when employers cut your own. I think the term is to be hoisted by your own petard. Plan to change private pension inflation link
  12. Export what? more jobs to India and China
  13. So all that stuff about workers accepting pay cuts to save jobs was a load of ****** then?
  14. Yeah who said we dont export anything anymore? This time next year we will be millionaires.
  15. A lot of these things like company pensions, holiday pay and redundancy money came about after WWII because employers had to compete for workers. If company A provides a company pension and company B doesnt well all else being the same you will go and work for company A. Whats changed over the last 30 years is that through neo liberal policies and globalisation capital has access to the worlds labour and feels it no longer needs to offer these things to attract workers.
  16. What I mean is you cannot leave the system. The capitalist system. I have worked in the public and private sectors, I have been self employed and unemployed. I have worked full time and with agencies. But its all part of the same system.
  17. Because if you have to work you want to be adequately compensated for the work you do, you want to keep the majority of the wealth you are creating.
  18. I would not say its revenge but the relationship between capital and labour is at odds with each other. The less pay and conditions capital conceeds to labour the bigger the profits. The more pay and better conditions won by labour the smaller the profits for capital.
  19. In Germany there is a genuine partnership between employers and unions. Which is the way it should be. But as we are seeing in this country as soon as the bad economic times hit employers ditch the partnership approach and use their advantage to attack employees jobs, pay and pensions. It has got very nasty very quickly.
  20. What workers were promised was flexicurity. Workers were to be flexible and in return there would be plenty of jobs. Where are all the jobs?
  21. Workers have more power organised collectively than they have individually. Bosses organise collectively, what is the CBI but a bosses union?
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