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  1. Yes I agree with the original post. What happens is that the experience, knowledge and expertise that workers have amassed over the years in a job gets captured and codified into software and/or hardware. And whats more those workers dont have intellectual property rights over the ideas and knowledge they have provided so they dont get paid every time its used. And thats why profits are made from using the hardware/software because the users are not paying for the use of the idea to the person whos idea it was. Take a car factory for example. Think of all the knowledge, experience and skill and expert that workers have put into the making of cars over 60 years that has been captured and has made possible these automated car factories we have today, with robots instead of workers that can be moved to anywhere in the world that has the cheapest overheads. This is one of the problems of free markets the workers never get paid the true value of the work done they only get paid for the hours worked. The same applies to all manufacturing from making shoes to ship building and now knowledge based office white collar work. A pop star gets paid royalties every time his song is played on the radio. This should be the case for every worker who has contributed something into a product, process or service. I dont mean the effort expended or the work but the ideas, knowledge or expertise.
  2. I am sure Savils customers over the last year or so will be chuffed that Savils regard them as suckers. I know quite a few suckers who have bought this year. They wouldnt listen.
  3. I can see where all this is going The estate agents want a bail out. We demand action to save the housing market because it is key to the economy. For gods sake wont anybody think of the first time buyers.
  4. “The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.” John Maynard Keynes quote
  5. I think that its the people with all the mouth that climb to the top of most organizations and not necessarily the ones with the brains. Which is a real shame. The union leaders should have seen all this coming and been warning members and been prepared. No good saying they didn't see it coming, I did and I ain't particularly clever. To be fair unions have been warning of the consequences of globalisation for some time its just that they have been swimming against the tide of neo liberal policies.
  6. NMW raises to £5.93 per hour in October which is £222.37 for a 37.5 hour week. However you cannot presume you will work a 37.5 hour week, most jobs now are part time or they call you when they are busy and tell you to go home when they are not so you maybe working 20 hours or 27 hours. I know I have done it. They ring you up and say we dont need you today. They dont because they just took someone else on and giving them a couple of days work a week. Also I know with jobs like cleaning you may work 50 hours a week but only get paid for 37.5 so on the wage slip it looks correct 37.5 x 5.93 = £222.37 but you actually worked many more hours. And if you dont like it there are plenty of people who are desperate enough to do it. I am afraid these are the consequences of being duped into thinking that you dont need unions anymore. Workers are being exploited.
  7. Yes just think of all those tough decisions they will have to make. I always thought a tough decision was a decision to endure hardship but they mean making decisions that make others suffer hardship.
  8. The 2 arguments that are always used to justify high wages or very generous pensions: You have to pay big money to get the best people and thats the contract and its illegal to change the contract. But have you noticed these arguments only seem to apply to them. Every one else just gets paid the minimum that they can get away with and the contracts are not worth the paper there written on. Take Fred Goodwin they said we know he ******ed up and will get a good pension but we cant change it. But they can change everyone else's pensions and redundancy payments , just look at the civil servants they want to change the law so as to change their redundancy payments just because they want to lay them all off.
  9. Forget the economics for a minute and look at the politics. When the economy turns down it would look very much like it has done so as a consequence of Tory cuts. The Tories will get the blame for the recession. New Labour can point to these GDP figures and say the economy was recovering and the Tories killed it off by cutting too much too soon just like they warned. When the shit hits the fan the coalition will be tested and if it splits Labour could be back in power as soon as next year.
  10. Ironically people will attribute this pickup in GDP growth to New Labours policy and when the double dip comes blame it on the Tories cuts policy. Darling will say " Well growth was picking up before the Tories started cutting everything".
  11. Thats funny, my friends are not speaking to me because my predictions look to be correct of a second leg of a housing crash after the general election was over.
  12. The people who are implicated will not admit they were wrong maybe but history will show the Labour party and the Democrats in the US betrayed the working people they were formed to represent.
  13. New Labour followed neo liberal policies and rode the wave of globalisation. It worked very well for them when they were in power but now it something that they will be eternally ashamed of.
  14. The public sector jobs were created to replace the manufacturing jobs that have moved offshore and the failure of the private sector to create them. Now we cant afford the public sector jobs. Good here innit?
  15. It is not part of the great neo liberal plan to keep people in their houses, quite the opposite, it is to dispossess people from their housing for the private landlords to buy. People will be dispossessed from their houses, savings, healthcare, pensions, their rights, job security all so the rich can get richer.
  16. Labour's mortgage help will stay Schemes introduced by the Labour government to support struggling homeowners will be kept by the coalition after a report found they had "a notable effect" helping those at risk of repossession. The independent report warned that the risk of increased repossessions would remain "high" in the years ahead, said the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Council of Mortgage Lenders' latest forecast is that there will be 53,000 repossessions in 2010. The Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme faced criticism after it emerged that it helped only 34 households in the first year after its launch by then housing minister Margaret Beckett in April 2009. But a new report by Professor John Muellbauer and Dr Janine Aron of Oxford University has found that it had a positive impact on mortgage arrears management, encouraging greater patience from lenders when borrowers miss payments. Housing minister Grant Shapps announced that the scheme, which allows homeowners to defer up to 70% of mortgage interest payments if their income drops, would remain in place as a "backstop" until April 2011. Meanwhile a separate evaluation by Professor Steve Wilcox from the University of York and Heriot Watt University's School of the Built Environment found that there was a case for the scheme to continue until the housing market has recovered. The evaluation also records "widespread support" for the separate Mortgage Rescue Scheme, launched in January 2009, which helps the most vulnerable householders remain in their homes by shifting to shared equity or "mortgage to rent". Mr Shapps confirmed that it would continue to operate, though its long-term future will be up for consideration in this October's spending review process. The scheme will be refocused to delivery better value for money, with a reduction in the grant rate paid to housing associations and tighter caps on property price and repair costs, he said. Mr Shapps announced that the DCLG would step up work with organisations such as Citizens Advice and Shelter - as well as Martin Lewis, creator of Moneysavingexpert.com - to promote the help available to struggling homeowners. www.direct.gov.uk/mortgagehelp(Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme) Copyright © 2010 The Press Association. All rights reserved. Related articles * Mortgage Rescue Scheme funding cut Citywire.co.uk - 1 hour ago * Mortgage Rescue Scheme under threat Finance Markets (blog) - 1 hour ago * Government reviews mortgage rescue schemes Home Move - 47 minutes ago * More coverage (1) » Add News to your iGoogle Homepage Add News to your Google Homepage The Press Association http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5hf4y8vSOTeOtjckEyV-JpyboJEYg?index=0
  17. Friend of mine just put their house up for sale. The EA told them to knock 10K off the valuation as "there is a recession on".
  18. The welsh guy doesnt know how lucky he is that no one will give him a mortgage.
  19. So if you have a NS&I index linked certificate, after the 3 or 5 years is up can you renew or not?
  20. Only quality is selling. That goes for everything not just houses. Antiques, collectables etc
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