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  1. The real disgrace is not that some people live on the dole, its that the average family income is £26000 a year. What is the average family ? husband, wife and 2 kids. Shocking. I am genuinely shocked.
  2. No. The system doesnt work for all the poeple. I works very well for a small elite and moderately well for the middle classes. The system fails the majority of the working classes.
  3. The original idea around tax was to tax the richest in society in order to provide basic public services for the poorest in society. Over the years the tax burden has been pushed away from the richest and onto the average worker so that working people are paying for the failure in the system to provide work for all.
  4. The reason you have so many people unemployed and working in the public sector is because the private sector cannot provide enough productive decent paid jobs for all those that need them. I know that doesnt fit in with in with the capitalist ideological theory but thats the reality.
  5. Because they followed Thatcherite neo liberal policies. New Labour was just Tory Lite.
  6. Governments do have absolute control over wages when they follow neo liberal policies that drive down wages and conditions. Its not the welfare benefits are generous they are the minimum amount that a family can sustain a reasonable standard of living on. Its average wages that falling so much that you cant maintain a decent standard of living on. How can a working family live on £26000 a year? Pushing the unemployed into the labour market will drive wages down even further and where are all the jobs? Laying hundreds of thousands of public sector workers off onto the labour market will push wages down even further. While employers are still offshoring jobs and moving companies abroad.
  7. What does the average family earn? I heard someone on the radio this morning say 60% of working people are classed as living in poverty. Instead of cutting welfare to the poor why don't they make it policy to raise wages for the working poor? Oh no no no, cant possibly do that.
  8. This explains the great panic to cut the deficit. They need to cut the deficit quick to be in a position to bail out the banks again. Then there will be even further cuts to public services and welfare to pay off the deficit again. Just like Ireland. Of course when it happens the government will claim it was all most unexpected.
  9. An EA told a friend of mine house prices are dropping £1500 a month. This is in Northamptonshire.
  10. Unexpected! Or did they just simply lie to us in the first place?
  11. Its not who we should blame but what we should blame. Capitalism is the problem. Boom and bust is inherent within capitalism and if you look back through history it has lurched from one crises to another. This one is a biggy on par with the crises in the 1930's. So when Mervyn King says as he did the other day things were going great but we let things slip away its rubbish. We had a massive boom which was based on a housing boom. The bankers in the city made a killing. Now its all gone bust the average joe is expected to take the pain in the form of job losses, repossessions, pay cuts, cuts to welfare and public services in order for the bankers to continue receiving their million pound bonuses.
  12. I liked it cause it showed my area as vulnerable to further house price drops.
  13. This public sector cuts resilience map is very interesting. You can see which areas house prices are most vulnerable amongst other things. Spending review map
  14. More friggin parasites we got to keep.
  15. Yes my fault I advised him to put it on cheap for a quick sale and now buyers want to knock 20% off.
  16. My brother has had his house up for sale for a few weeks. Only low offers put in 20% of asking. The EA got the hump because he didnt accept low offer. Now the estate agent says they will take the house off the market unless he has an energy survey done. Says its the law. Is that right?
  17. Yes its precisely because the workers do nothing that it happens all over the place. They dont want to cause a fuss in case it affects their future job opportunities but they dont have any when the jobs they are trained for are also being offshored.
  18. The Twinings workers dont have to train the foreign workers. They dont have to do anything. They could occupy the factory until they got their wages and redundancy money in their hands though.
  19. I can confirm this. My brother put his house up for sale a couple of weeks ago and has had 2 offers of 20% less. And the asking price was quite reasonable in comparison to other similar properties in the area. Also a friend of the wife had a similar experience they had an offer of 20% less on the table for a month. They rejected the offer, dropped the price still no interest after a month so accepted the offer.
  20. The outsourcing and offshoring of jobs in the USA and UK will increase in order to cut costs. So rather than creating more jobs we will be losing more and more existing jobs. This is as a result of following neo liberal policies. But people will only care when its their own job that goes.
  21. Thats how the system works. People are being dispossessed of their assets by the system of credit.
  22. "In a depression assets return to their rightful owners" Andrew Mellon
  23. The public sector is about people not profit. Its not about how productive a worker is its about helping people. Its a different ethos that business cannot understand. Thats why privatising public services always leads to a worse service.
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