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  1. Is has been done in the past employers were able to pay decent pensions. They are still able to, they just can get away with not doing so because of weak private sector unions.
  2. If you cant run a business that can pay a decent wage enough to keep people alive when they retire there is something seriously wrong with the system. If this was the case with every business in the UK what would people do when they are to old to work?
  3. Because I am not that fussed about making lots of money. I am happy with a fair days pay for a fair days work. And I dont expect to live in poverty in my old age after a lifetime of work.
  4. The reason I know because thats the way it works. The more they give you, the less for them. They will give you the absolute minimum they can get away with. They will even let you work for nothing in the Big Society.
  5. They can afford it they just dont want to pay it. They would rather keep it as profits.
  6. Two thirds of private sector employers don't put a single penny towards their employees pensions, forcing taxpayers into picking up massive long term benefits bill.
  7. They can if their employers pay them a decent wage and stop driving down wages and conditions. I know companies where I live that have made billions over the years and are worth billions that have stopped employees pensions on the basis that they cant afford it. Of course employers are going to stop providing staff with pensions if they can get away with. Every penny going on someone's pension is one penny less profit for them. But as employees we shouldn't be so soft in letting them get away with it.
  8. So some employers in the private sector decided they weren't going to pay their employees decent pensions. Other employers saw this and decided to do the same in the interests of fairness of course. Then when private sector workers pensions were compared with pubic sector pensions it was blatantly unfair so the answer is to cut public sector pensions. So what if a some private sector employers decides to stop all paid holidays. What then? Are the other private sector workers then obliged to accept that they will not get any paid holidays? And if they do, are then the public sector workers obliged to accept no paid holidays? But it isn't all employees in private sector organisations that don't get a decent pension. Management often get decent private pensions as part of their remuneration along with things like free private healthcare and company car.
  9. That was quite a good report. Worth a watch on iPlayer when it is posted.
  10. My brother is in exactly this position. Had a offer yesterday and accepted it. Been on the market a year. The buyer is a builder so might not pull out.
  11. -3.6% drop in a month is a significant event its a sign of things to come
  12. The Employment & Support Allowance which has replaced disability benefit is becoming much tougher now. Even people with genuine disabilities are being forced onto Job Seekers Allowance where they are being forced into work.
  13. The bankers have a lot in common with the welfare cheats, they are both parasites living off the wealth created by others. Just that the welfare cheats are a lot cheaper to keep.
  14. Do you really think that there is enough necessary work for every single person in the UK to do their whole lifetime? In a world of globalisation, automisation and ever increasing productivity?
  15. Damn. I knew there had to be a flaw in this cunning plan.
  16. No should never have allowed the rich landlords into this position.
  17. I dont think the state cares about me and I never said it did. Working people demanded and won concessions from Capitalism after the 2nd world war because they were not prepared to continue with the class ridden system after so many working class people sacrificed their lives during the 1st and 2nd world wars. Those concessions came in the form of the welfare state. Since then Capitalism has tried to claw back these concessions. Mainly by shifting the tax burden from the well off to the average worker. Now they want to drastically cut public services. Do you really think they will slash taxes of the average working joe? Of course not. They will cut taxes for the rich. You will be paying high taxes and getting ****** all back for it in the way of public services. It will all go to the City wizz kids because its just another way off siphoning off the wealth created by working people.
  18. A glimpse of the mind stuck in a Randian reality tunnel.
  19. Not really. Its just gentrification. Force the poor out of central London so they can sell the houses to the City wizz kids.
  20. I am talking about modern history after the middle ages.
  21. This is a circular argument. The reason housing is so expensive is because a bubble was created to allow people to MEW to make up for the fact wages have stagnated since the 1970's. The reason workers pay so much in tax is to provide public services to people who are the losers in the system who cannot obtain decent paid work.
  22. Prices would not fall. Prices dont fall just because wages fall. The system does not care if people dont earn enough money to provide for food and shelter.
  23. How do you become rent and mortgage free on £26 K a year. I listened to Osbourne speech saying we should move away from the debt based society and save more. How can you put money away on £26K a year? They live in another world. Come to think of it they do live in another world.
  24. Both adults working full time. £26K a year. In this day and age its disgraceful.
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