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  1. Yes. Top of the list should be water. Wont survive long without clean water to drink. Water purification systems/tablets.
  2. Wages are already being cut. Its the second year in a row I have received 0.4% pay rise when inflation is 3-4% Cant see getting any more next year. All it means I have less to spend which means I have to cut back on buying products and services which is someone else's job at risk. Its just dawning on me how tough next year is going to be. Inflation is going up, oil is nearly $100 per barrel, vat is going up to 20% and interest rates will start going up and my wife has had a pay cut.
  3. I remember the 1990's they put up rates on a monthly basis. It was hitting home owners really hard, people couldnt afford it and lost their houses, but the banks still did it and I think they will do it again. Because its in their nature.
  4. This is all going exactly to plan. They have trapped people in lots of debt and will now slowly ratchet up the interest rate to squeeze every last penny out of them.
  5. I think plan B involves taking a private jet to a small island retreat.
  6. Society will get a lot more violent, its already happening. When people can generally get by they are normally law abiding but when people lose their jobs and houses they dont respect the law. Crime will increase which will increasingly go unsolved and unpunished. People will get more tribal. More violence between races. The rich will be able to afford private security but for everyone else it will be a harsher and more brutal place.
  7. So millions of people were persuaded to take out huge mortgages to pay over inflated prices for houses, then pushed onto variable rates, then variable rates get ratcheted up. Bit like boiling a frog but the frog cant jump out because the lids on the pot.
  8. They had no chance but to bail out the banks. Failure to bail out the banks would have led to the collapse of the capitalist system and a neo liberal state cannot allow that to happen.
  9. Even now after the near death of the financial system and with the benefit of hindsight the City is successfully avoiding regulation and still receiving their massive bonuses. We now know Blair and Brown should have regulated the City but at the time it was politically impossible because people felt prosperous and the City told government it was the removal of regulation that was the cause. Less regulation equalled greater wealth. That is the basis of neoliberal ideology and liasse faire free market capitalism. It makes me laugh all these former free market fundamentalists calling for greater regulation.
  10. A neoliberal state only intervenes in the market when in fails. It doesnt have the power to intervene in markets to prevent failure. There was nothing Brown could have done even if he had wanted to.
  11. We all know what the Tories want to do for ideological reasons and for their mates in big business and that is privatise public services. It wont be any cheaper and it wont be any better but it will transfer tax payers money into profits for their mates private companies. Bit like whats happening with the banks.
  12. Steph flanders reckons the OBR thinks house prices will fall 3.1% in 2011 Good news for Mr Osborne, but with a health warning
  13. Working class people on working class wages were persuaded they were middle class and so lived middle class lifestyles. They were able to do this when house prices kept continually going up and by MEWing. Its funny that people are still in denial. They are considered to be the squeezed middle. Middle class but going through a tough time struggling to maintain their standard of living, No they are not and never were middle class. We are returning to the original model of capitalism were you had a large working class, a small middle class and a very small minority of the rich. Like one of those stretch armstrong toys you can stretch it as much as you want but once you let go it returns to its original shape because thats how its made to be.
  14. Well we shall see. Its not really the housing thats there thats desirable because some of the housing is very poor like high rise flats but its the land thats sought after. Land in one of the most desirable capitals in the world. I would love to live in London. I can see the high rise council blocks being knocked down and nice up market developments being built like Docklands. I remember a news programme a while ago where they interviewed people who I guess would be categorised as under class in their housing estate and in the background you could see the City and the giant gherkin and I thought then. They are going to moved out of there, thats prime real estate as the say in America.
  15. What IDS proposes will not drive rents down and I dont believe that is even the intention. It will drive poorer people out of certain areas of London to make way for Gideons buddies to live though. My working class parents were brought up in a rented house in Notting Hill near where Cameron lives now. When you have a society with such a gap between the rich and poor, the rich dont want to live in the same areas as the poor. They dont want to mix with them or even see them.They dont want to even know that they exist.
  16. Yes thats correct. Most people do not understand what is going on. The government is very effectively distracting people by keeping the focus on benefit scroungers and lazy public sector workers.
  17. This is all an inevitable consequence of globalisation and governments following neo liberal policies which began under Thatcher and Reagan. Anyone thinking that the Tories would do anything that hinders neo liberalism want their heads testing.
  18. Yes if big business wants cheap immigrant labor, big business will have cheap immigrant labor regardless of any promises governments may have given the electorate to win power. We need more Romanian kids to work on our farms or it will hamper the recovery the CBI told the PM today.
  19. When you have nothing to lose and the system doesnt provide you with a decent living then what else can you do? Always makes me think of the lyrics to the song neighborhood threat. Down where your paint is cracking Look down your backstairs buddy Somebodies living there and He don't really feel the weather And he don't share your pleasures No, he don't share your pleasures Did you see his eyes? Did you see his crazy eyes? And you're so surprised he doesn't run to catch your ash Everybody always wants to kiss your trash And you can't help him, no one can And now that he knows There's nothing to get Will you still place your bet Against the Neighbourhood Threat? Somewhere a baby's feeding Somewhere a mother's needing Outside her boy is trying But mostly he is crying Did you see his eyes? Did you see his crazy eyes? And you're so surprised he doesn't run to catch your ash Everybody always wants to kiss your trash But you can't help him, no one can And now that he knows There's nothing to get Not in this place Not in your face Will you still place your bet Against the Neighbourhood Threat?
  20. With all the cuts to welfare, public services, police, courts, prisons and increasing unemployment I think it inevitable to see an increasing level of crime which will increasingly go undetected and unpunished. Especially crime like theft and property crime. Which will push people will into taking the law into their own hands. The wealthy haves will hire private security to protect their property and the have nots will get increasingly more desperate and aggressive. The social fabric will be torn. Not a very appealing state of affairs to look forward to.
  21. Mmmm outsourcing services is not generating new jobs, in fact the purpose of outsourcing is to cut costs but cutting jobs, pay and conditions. Privatising public services will result in fewer jobs.
  22. What would be the best thing for a 17 year old to do these days?
  23. Moving the work abroad. I said that offshoring of jobs would increase. We are not creating any new private sector jobs we are losing the ones we have.
  24. Employers did provide decent pensions until neo liberal policies were adopted in the 1970/80's since when all we have seen is a driving down of wages and conditions. Pensions being one of the conditions that has been eroded away.
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