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  1. This is the year its going to crash, everything points to it.
  2. I know someone who had serious psychological problems who was passed fit for work by Atos. A medically unqualified person working for Atos passed fit a person who was diagnosed with serious mental disorder by a qualified psychiatrist.
  3. Ah I see pronounced fit to work by a private company paid to pass people as fit to work.
  4. The whole situation has been deliberate. The housing boom, the massive debt, inflation and the resistance against wage inflation. The ruling elite learn't the lessons of the 1970's and have come back for another attack on the working and middle classes.
  5. This is all leading to a serious drop in living standards for the vast majority in the UK which will be permanent.
  6. Labour will say they passed on a recovering economy and it was Tory slash and burn that screwed it up.
  7. I see. And I think this is just county council workers it doesnt include schools, hospitals, fire service, police etc
  8. Yes so is Northampton cutting 600 jobs and not on the list and thats just year 1 of four years of cuts.
  9. He doesnt know. But then if they are wrong they will just casually say inflation remains unexpectedly high.
  10. Initially the class system may have been created around ethnicity but its not in its modern form. Now its just upper class, middle class and working class and you will find people of all ethnicity in all classes.
  11. In the 1970's inflation peaked at 26.9% and the government tried to impose 5% pay rises in the public sector. Which meant a 22% pay cut for workers already struggling to make ends meet.
  12. Not saying they were special but the fought and won concessions from Capital like the welfare state. They formed unions because they knew thats how they were going to protect and further their interests. I agree the large workforces made organizing easier but workers can still organise. Look whats happening with the student protests they are still managing to organise and quite effectively using modern methods of communication like the internet.
  13. The generations after the second world war had to organise within unions to fight for what they got. The younger generations took it for granted and expected it to be all handed to them on a plate but it doesnt work like that. The rich elite are clawing it all back - public services, welfare including well paid jobs and pensions. You just havent earnt it yet baby!
  14. Put in the context of history its just the war between Capital v Labor thats been going on for hundreds of years.
  15. People got into huge amounts of debt because it was easier than demanding decent wage rises. Wages in the USA and UK have stagnated since the 1970's when the USA and UK adopted neo liberal policies. Now the music has stopped. Wages are going down if you are lucky to keep your job and the cost of living is high with short to medium term inflation prospects and more quantitative easing on the way, the only way interest rates can go is up and VAT increasing to 20% and massive cuts to public sector jobs and welfare. Merry christmas and have a happy new year.
  16. You could get by with some water barrels to collect rain water and the methods of purification like you suggest. Looking at the pictures of the water crises in NI and the people queuing for water just shows how if it dont come out of a tap or from a shop in a bottle then people are pretty helpless, all they can think of doing is stand in a queue and some nice man will give you water. In a real crises there will be no nice men handing out free water.
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